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Nicolai Sennels: Muslims conquer the Danish passport, prepare battle plans for the Islamisation of parking tickets

Nicolai Sennels, a Jihad Watch contributor from Denmark has been busy over the last week or so.  I have written previously about his lies here, and I am working on a longer post about him.

In the meantime though, here is another example of Sennels’ ramblings which I think provides an excellent example of the general tactic of the Transatlanic Right.

An important element of their blogging and writing is to take small incidents involving Muslims (or in some cases, simply brown people – of which more in a later post) and to attach to them a civilisational importance that drives the reader to believe that these small – and in most cases, irrelevant – issues are going to lead to the collapse of Western civilisation.

This is, I am certain, precisely the kind of gross exaggeration that led Anders Breivik to take up arms against his own people by massacring those he believed were in cahoots with the Muslims to conquer and/or destroy the West.

And so, in that spirit, Nicolai Sennels explains the Islamization of the Danish passport.

His basic problem is that Muslim women are allowed to wear the headscarf – hijab – which covers only the hair and neck.  They are not – quite reasonably – allowed to wear the full face veil – niqab – according to the Danish authorities.

Sennels attempts to provide some logic-based explanation.  He states that the hijab

covers both your hair, your ears and the general contour of your head

Except that that is not true.  The contours of the woman’s head in the image (provided by the Danish authorities showing the headscarf as they would like it to be worn) are no more obscured than they would be by her hair.

From this, Sennels believes that the passport is being ‘Islamized’.  Muslims have conquered Danish passports.  Because a woman can wear a headscarf, the passport has been Islamised.

It may sound ridiculous to you and me, but Anders Breivik has killed over such things.



Robert Spencer: Expert.

Anyone familiar with Robert Spencer will know that there is nothing he will not claim to be an expert on.  This is, I suppose, a symptom of the general decline of the United States.  Opinion in America is frequently presented as fact and polemic as scholarship.

And so, Robert Spencer – non-expert on all things – provides his analysis of the recent collapse of Turkish-Israeli relations.  See examples here and here.

You will recall that the Israeli army slaughtered nine Turkish civilians attempting to deliver aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.  The Israeli government could not accept that killing civilians – even those of their allies – is wrong and therefore refused to apologise for the massacre.  The result has been an unsurprising collapse in relations between the two countries.

However, since Turkey is an Islamic country, Robert Spencer explains the issues between the two states in the most infantile way possible.  He states, for example, that Turkish Prime Minister Ergodan “wants jihad”.

Translation: you must accept that the State of Israel can do as it pleases, murdering your civilians and behaving as if it owns the entire Middle East.  If you refuse to do this, you are jihadist.

Even more bizarre, Ergodan’s denunciations of Israel are in fact, attempts to

Push for jihad against Israel as he works to destroy Kemalist secularism and reestablish Sharia at home.

It is important to remember that Spencer takes himself seriously.  More frightening is that he is a regular guest on Fox News – the most watched news channel in the USA.

You’ll find an interesting piece on the Transatlantic Right here on Aljazeera English’s ‘The Listening Post’.  Take a few moments to watch.

Melanie Phillips. Liar.


British journalist and author Melanie Phillips is a key figure in the Transatlantic Right.  I’m very familiar with her writing (as was the mass-murder of Norway, Anders Breivik – she features in his manifesto) and I plan in future to provide a more extensive examination of her hate-filled work.

Melanie Phillips

After the ignominious exit of her hate-blog from the right-wing Spectator website (she appears to have told one lie too many and made herself a liability), she now has a blog at the British tabloid The Daily Mail, which toys with politics in between extensive coverage of the latest comings and goings of inexplicably famous ‘celebrities’.

In her second post on this new blog, she discusses the upcoming UN vote for Palestinian statehood, in which the Palestinian Authority seeks to have the State of Palestine recognised officially by the United Nations.  She says of the Palestinian bid

The unilateral declaration is demonstrably an aggressive stunt and an act of purposeful hostility against Israel.  One might indeed say that, if the GA votes in favour of this incendiary gesture, this will effectively be the GA’s [General Assembly] declaration of war upon Israel.  

That is to say that, when the Palestinians seek recognition by the international community through the United Nations, they are engaged in act of hostility.  Further – and it is helpful here to bear in mind that Melanie Phillips is an absolutely committed Jewish nationalist – if the General Assembly recognises Palestine, they will be declaring war against Israel.

Translation: any policy by any nation anywhere in the world that is contrary to the wishes of the extreme-right of the Jewish Israeli leadership is an act of aggression against Israel.  Any recognition that the Palestinian people have the right to anything whatsoever is act of aggression against Israel.

In the world of Melanie Phillips, and those like her, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a zero-sum game, whereby anything other than the abject suffering of the Palestinians represents a loss to Israel and perhaps – who knows? – every Jew on earth.

It is also necessary to point out that Melanie Phillips very rarely uses the word ‘Palestinian’ unless she absolutely has to.  She prefers the broad term ‘Arab’ since in doing so, she accomplishes two things

  • Reduction of Palestinian status in the mind of her readers in what is now Israel and the West Bank and the discrete suggestion that since they are merely ‘Arabs’ they can be moved to any Arab country – because they are all the same – and therefore downplay any links that the Palestinians have locally
  • Convincing the reader that Israel is, in fact, at war with all of the Arab states of the Middle East – from Morocco to Kuwait – and with all of their 300 million inhabitants.  This promotes the idea that little plucky Israel is David to the horrifying Arab Goliath.  Her broad reference to ‘Arabs’ enables her to suggest that Israel has been at war with such states as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen.  It has not.

And so, to accomplish the above, she states that the Palestinian effort to gain UN recognition is an act of violence and that

There are very real fears that the declaration will be used as the pretext to ignite the Arab world into a fresh campaign of violence against Israel. Already, Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party has urged mass marches in cities ahead of the UN vote. Few can have any confidence in the pro-forma calls for non-violent protests. Far from being a gesture towards peace, this declaration sounds the drumbeat for war. Even if no violence occurs, this unilateral initiative rips up previous treaty undertakings made with Israel by the Palestinian Authority and obviates any possibility of a negotiated settlement of the Middle East impasse. 

Ignite the Arab world into a fresh campaign of violence against Israel?  A fresh campaign?  Perhaps Phillips can remind the world when the original campaign of violence by the entire Arab world took place.  I doubt it though.  Because it never happened.

Notice too, that even peaceful protest, in the form of non-violent mass marches, is regarded as an act of violence even if no violence occurs.  Translation: everything the Arabs do is violent.  Even if it is not.

She goes on to lambaste Prime Minister David Cameron by suggesting that his refusal to reject the proposal for Palestinian statehood out of hand before he has even seen it is ‘deeply shocking’.

So it is ‘deeply shocking’ for the Prime Minister not to instantly stand with the government of Israel – which Phillips seems to consistently forget is a foreign country – even when it brings the Middle East region, through its own outrageous behaviour (the Mavi Marmara Massacre, the Gaza Massacre, the recent slaughter of five Egyptian soldiers, the recent violation of Egypt’s sovereign waters), to the brink of war.

Third, Cameron is considering endorsing the creation of a racist state which is committed to the eradication of its neighbour. For Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly said he will never accept Israel as a Jewish state – the actual casus belli of the Arab war against Israel

Melanie Phillips suggests that the Palestinian State will be racist.  She provides no evidence for this.  Quite how the indigenous people, living under the heel of an occupying power can be racist in their resistance to it, is beyond me.  She might like to explain how it is not racist that she – a British Jew with no links whatsoever to Palestine – is, under Israeli law, entitled to citizenship of Israel and to live there simply because she is a Jew .  The Palestinians however, as the indigenous people of the region, have no such rights.

But it has long been the stance of Phillips and those of her ilk that refusing to accept Jewish supremacy in the region – absolutely and without reservation – is tantamount to anti-Semitism and the desire to eradicate Israel and to kill all Jews everywhere.

Note also the sly reference to the Arab war against Israel.  She knows, and the world knows, that there is not, nor has there ever been, any such thing.  That makes Melanie Phillips a liar.

She states also

Moreover, Abbas has also said repeatedly that not one Israeli will be permitted to live in this state of Palestine (as well as no Jewish soldiersin any NATO troops stationed there). That is why the Israeli ‘settlers’ living beyond the 1948 cease-fire lines are deemed to be the obstacle to such a state – because it will be ethnically cleansed of every single Jew.

When Israel occupied the Palestinian territories in 1967, it began a transfer of Jews from Israel proper into these territories at the expense of the Palestinians.  This is called colonisation and it is illegal under international law for an occupying power to transfer members of its own population to territories that it occupies.  But this is precisely what Israel has done.

Imagine if the British and American governments began moving Iraqi and Afghan civilians from their land and replacing them with British and American civilians – effectively creating an empire.  There would, rightly, be uproar.  However, when the State of Israel transfers hundreds of thousands of its Jewish citizens to the occupied Palestinian territories, the Jewish state encounters curiously little in the way of international objection that goes beyond banal and perfunctory finger-wagging.

Moreover, when the Palestinian leadership suggests that these settlers – and settlers is precisely what they are, Phillips’ speech-marks notwithstanding – be returned to Israel, they are accused of ethnic cleansing.

Translation: unless you allow a Jew to live anywhere he or she likes at the expensive of anyone he or she targets, you are guilty of anti-Semitism, ethnic cleansing, genocide and, presumably, can be counted with Hitler in your hatred of the Jewish people.

She completes this lie-filled tirade with the following paragraph:

The Prime Minister should be asked in the House of Commons just why the British government is so gung-ho for a racist Palestinian state ethnically cleansed of Jews, led by a Holocaust-denier and committed to the destruction of the Jews’ national homeland – and why it is even considering endorsing the repudiation of international law to bring it about.

Here, Melanie Phillips has accused the Prime Minister of supporting the ‘ethnic cleansing of Jews’ without batting an eye.

That is to say that if David Cameron fails to do precisely and exactly what the government of Israel wants, he is an anti-Semite.

I give you Melanie Phillips.  Liar.

Tommy Robinson TLRA


Martyrdom and divine suffering are not things of the past.  If you thought that Jesus of Nazareth was the last, according to Christian tradition, to die for the sins of mankind, you would be wrong.

For Jesus the Nazarene , King of the Jews (INRI – Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm), has been succeeded – perhaps even superceded – by Tommvs Lvtonvs Rex Anglvs (Tommy the Lutonian King of the English).

For those of you who are yet to be baptised into the Church of Tommvs Lvtonvs, the theological specifics are thus:

Tommvs Lvtonvs dispatched his apostles to East London to harass the local Muslim community there to defend freedom of speech and oppose terrorism.

While it may not be clear to the neophyte reader how harassing the general Muslim community translates into opposition to terrorism, trust blindly that it is simply the case.  You don’t get your knickers in a twist when the Trinity baffles you.  Nor should you be overly concerned that the tactics of the Church of Tommvs Lvtonvs do not actually conform to stated goals of the Church.  Jesus preached the nobility of poverty.  The Pope has a solid gold bath.  Shut up.

The despotic regime of Pontius Pilate David Cameron has placed TLRA in detention.  This vicious latter-day Roman regime has claimed that TLRA is, in fact, in breach of his bail conditions relating to an assault – no doubt a Roman fabrication – he is alleged to have committed at a previous demonstration.

The following is taken from a sermon posted on the site of the Church:

A martyr is someone who svffers for a cavse. And Tommvs is most definitely someone who has svffered for his.  


The sermon proceeds thus:

Tommvs jvdged that the right to free speech, the right to peacefvl protest, and his dvty to speak ovt against the tyrannical inflvence of radical Islam [that is, the existence of Muslims], ovtweighed the covrt’s decision to place svch strict limitations on his freedoms; a decision lent weight by the Evropean Covrt of Hvman Rights’ rvlings on the right to freedom of assembly.

He jvdged, quite rightly, that in breaking his bail conditions he wovld treated far more harshly than we have seen radical Mvslims treated. He was certain this wovld send a clear signal to anyone concerned abovt freedom of speech or abovt the inflvence of radical Islam in this covntry, that ovr freedoms are vnder attack, and the government, the covrts, and the media are yet to wake up to the threat. In the worst cases, they’re even complicit in this attack on freedom.

To suggest that in accusing the media and the government of complicity in a Muslim conspiracy to conquer the United Kingdom, TLRA is echoing the sentiments of Anders Breivik, is a heresy.  Be thou warn’d.

The Church has also outlined – rightly – the terrible hypocrisy of such organisations as Amnesty International who, in focusing on such trivia as real human rights abuses around the world, have overlooked the case of TLRA:

We’re still waiting for the call from Amnesty offering Tommvs legal assistance with his vnjvst, political imprisonment at the hands of the evil VK jvnta. Shovld we ask if he can get a Red Cross visit? Perhaps the Red Crescent?


So horrifying is this attack on TLRA’s Ministry, that even the British National Party – which frowns upon the English Defense League – has issued a video statement by Marcus Aurelius Nick Griffin, a transcript of which I provide below.

I offer one hundred prayers for Tommy the Lutonian’s delivery from Evil.


Marcus Aurelius Discusses the Passion of Tommy the Lutonian.

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

You wouldn’t know it if you were looking at the BBC or Sky News or any of the other controlled media butEnglandat present has another new political prisoner.

Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League was jailed earlier this week, having last weekend broken bail conditions – outrageously imposed anti-free speech bail conditions to attend a demonstration in East London against the Islamfication of that area and of our country as a whole.

Now, the British National Party and myself, we don’t hold any brief for the English Defence League.  I’m not endorsing the English Defence League.  But I am here to say that for the BBC, for the mainstream media, to completely ignore the fact that a significant minor figure in British politics is in prison and is now on hunger strike to protest against this attack on freedom of speech er, it’s outrageous.

This is a significant event and it’s utterly wrong that the controlled media can manipulate what people think, what they talk about, by keeping an event like that out of the public eye.

So we’ve got a big reach on our internet site.  We’ve got a big reach with videos like this on YouTube.  Social networking has an even bigger reach.

Please, get out there.  Spread this message.  Not because necessarily you support the British National Party, not because necessarily you support the English Defence League and Tommy Robinson, but just as a way of hitting back against the mass media, trying to control what you think by not telling you and your friends what’s going on in this, our country.

Thank you very much.


The Egyptian People Stand Up

Power to these people...


You know good things are happening in the Arab world when Pamela Geller and the goons at Jihad Watch (Marisol Seibold this time – see an example of her work here) collapse into psychotic episodes of mindless ramblings about the coming Islamo-Fascist apocalypse.

Al Jazeera reports that Egyptian citizens have torn down part of the recently-erected wall that surrounds the Israeli embassy in Cairo, breaking in to the building and throwing documents out of the windows.

 Israel’s embassy in Cairo has been stormed by protesters who tore down one of the outer embassy walls and threw thousands of documents from the embassy’s windows.

The angry Egyptians also replaced the neighbouring country’s flag with their own after breaking in on Friday night.

In response, the Egyptian prime minister summoned the cabinet crisis team to discuss the situation, and the interior ministry declared a state of alert late on Friday night.

The group that swarmed the embassy had left a mass rally at nearbyTahrir Square, where organised protesters called for reforms by the military, which now governsEgypt.

“Thousands of documents were being thrown out of the windows, but it’s unclear which floor they were coming from,” our correspondent Sherine Tadros said.

“Indications are that it’s pretty much a chaotic situation. Protesters set on fire two police vehicles.”

What is happening here, dear reader, is that for decades under the despotic and humiliating rule of the latter-day Pharaoh Mubarak, the Egyptian people now have a chance to express their anger at the disgraceful infringement on the sovereignty of their state that is popularly known as the ‘peace’ treaty with Israel.  Additionally, they now have the opportunity to express their anger at Israel’s continuing degradation of the Palestinian people.  I applaud the Arabs of Egypt.  They demand dignity and indeed they shall have it.

Some, though, struggle with the idea of Arab (or wider Muslim) empowerment.  They try to misrepresent it as some sort of savagery in blithe disregard of the fact that the primary savages in the Middle East are those who march under the flag of Israel and commit war crimes in Gaza and aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Geller blogs about the embassy incident under the heading


Geller is correct about very little, but it is true that Egypt is a majority-Muslim country.  The relevance of this is not immediately clear to me, though.  However, since Geller has made a career of attacking all Muslims everywhere whether or not their faith is relevant, this bizarre headline comes as no surprise to me.

In addition, it is her style, so to speak, to cast any attack on Israel or its interests as a racist attack against all Jews everywhere.  And so, we have this from the armchair Likudnik safely ensconced in her New York condo:

The free world stands at the precipice of catastrophic consquence [sic, sic and sic again!].

Here again the reality of Obama’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood foreign policy bears rancid, poisonous fruit.  On Tuesday, the Obama supported Islamic Spring [what?] necessitated the building of a wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo as the cries for Jewish blood [what?] rose among the newly empowered Islamic supremacist annihilationists [what, what and what?]. The Muslim Brotherhood coup [what?] sanctioned and supported by the Obama administration has led to direct rocket attacks on Israel from Egypt (for the first time in the now fragile 30 year peace.)

The wall had been painted withEgypt’s national colors: black, white and red [good for them].

Pamela Geller is the only person who calls the Arab Spring the Islamic Spring.  As far as she is concerned, there is no such thing as an Arab.  They have no political mind.  No concept of their own suffering.  They are simply religious zealots.

Also, see her reference to cries for Jewish blood.  I don’t think so.  If they were crying for Jewish blood, they could extract it quite easily from the Israeli tourists who are to be found in the resorts of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.  Their safety is testament to the civility of the Egyptian people – they do not blame the average Jew for the Israeli state’s wild behaviour.  Bad luck, Pam.

I surely don’t need to belabour the obvious in regard to the through-the-looking-glass reference to newly empowered Islamic supremacist annihilationists.

I DO take issue, however, with the outlandish notion that the Egyptian Revolution that ousted a blood-soaked despot was somehow a Muslim Brotherhood coup.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not the government of Egypt.  It is a political party and it is not even in government.  The Egyptian army rules the country in a transition period – so they say – that will lead to elections.

The fact that Pamela Geller knows nothing about anything is obvious to anyone.  The danger, of course, is that many Americans take her seriously.  She is invited on to news programmes where she peddles her incredible fictions to the semi-conscious American masses.  She publishes books.  People buy them.

Over at Jihad Watch, courtesy of the liar Marisol Seibold, we have this:

These attacks are a rehearsal and a testing of the waters for an attempt at a full-blown re-enactment of the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran. That is the eventuality the Israelis there face if Egyptian authorities continue let the protesters do as they please. Alternatively, the embassy may close, at which point it is equally likely to be overrun.

I’m not even going to bother.

Who needs books and actual information when you have the right-ring Transatlantic bloggers stirring the pot like crazed witches?

Pamela Geller: A Predictable Liar

Geller. The reasoned analyst.

I wrote here about Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s decision to authorise Turkish military vessels to escort future aid ships to Gaza in light of the Mavi Marmara massacre.

I joked that we should expect Spencer or Geller’s take on this to be something like


After I hit ‘publish’ I logged out and went to Geller’s blog…  Where I found this:


The content of the post is even better.  Geller interprets the issue, which you can read about here at Haaretz, thus:

The newly islamicized [sic] Turkey escalates its hostile aggressions towards the tiny Jewish state. Today Turkey said it would increase hostilities against Israel by sending warships to escort the next round of jihad flotillas to Gaza.

So.  In the world of Geller, Turkey said it would increase hostilities against Israel.  It did no such thing.  It said it would send an escort with ships that take aid to the besieged Gaza Strip in future.  By no stretch of the imagination does this amount to announcement that it will increase hostilities.  While one could argue that Geller is simply stretching the meaning of Erdogan’s words – and the English language – to breaking point, I am inclined to believe that, based on the general standard maintained at her blog, that she is simply lying.

She goes on

Turkey is continuing its jihad against Israel. The jihad flotilla was a set-up; the ambush, the bloodshed: “We had no Choice”… [we]  did not expect to be landing in “a battlefield” and facing a group of “murderous mercenaries.”

The jihad flotilla warship launched from Turkey should have  resulted in sanctions against the Turkish government. Instead, the jihadist prime minister is promising to launch another with warship escorts.

Israel murdered nine Turkish civilians.  Turkey should be sanctioned.  This woman is, to remind you, a regular guest on Fox News.  Her bizarre views are beamed into millions of American homes.

From this, Geller then moves to her amazing claim that the ‘Muslim world was aligned with Hitler’ among other absurd and amazing tales.

Count how many times she uses the word ‘Jihad’ in this post.   I can’t be arsed.

Bad News From Israel: A Comparison

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has announced that Turkish military vessels will escort future aid flotillas that attempt to break Israel’s siege of Gaza.

The sober and objective reader will understand that this is necessary since the last time a flotilla attempted to take aid to the Palestinians in Gaza, the Israeli army executed nine Turkish civilians in a ‘raid’ that turned out to be a massacre.  Israel has since insisted that it will not apologise.  One can only take from this bizarre stance that it is legitimate to kill civilians – particularly and especially if they are Muslims.

Erdogan’s decision, then, makes sense.  Unless you are the editor of the Jerusalem Post.  Their shrill headline announces that “Erdogan threatens to send gunboats with next flotilla“.

Threatens?  There was no threat involved.  Erdogan simply is going to send a naval escort with the next flotilla.  This is necessary as a matter of objective fact because the Israeli army is a savage institution which massacres its allies’ citizens – Israeli soldiers have slaughtered Egyptian border guards on numerous occasions, in addition to the execution of the nine Turks aboard the Mavi Marmara in the last flotilla to Gaza.  The Post goes on

Turkish PM continues saber rattling, saying “we will not allow our ships to be exposed to Israeli attacks, as was the case with the ‘Mavi Marmara,’ because if this happens Israel will meet the appropriate response.”

What you have there, dear reader, is an insight into the mentality that prevails in the Israeli right-wing establishment of which the Post is a vital part.  When a Muslim states that he will not allow his nation’s ships to be exposed to Israeli attack, he is ‘saber-rattling’.  He would, presumably, be hailed as a ‘moderate’ in Israel if he detonated a nuclear device over Istanbul in the name of God’s Chosen People.  As it happens, observing the heretofore uncontroversial idea that a nation has a duty to protect its citizens, he is a war-mongering son of Genghis Khan.  Perhaps he is a jihadist?  Perhaps is a member of Al Qaeda?  It certainly looks that way because the article gets more and more bizarre as we read on:

The marked contrast in tone between the two leaders reflects the very different approaches Ankara and Jerusalem have taken to the current imbroglio, with Israeli ministers speaking little, and then relatively moderately about the situation, while Erdogan is leading a chorus of senior Turkish officials, from the president on down to the agriculture minister, lambasting and threatening Israel on a daily basis.

Lambasting and threatening Israel on a daily basis?  Quite what that is supposed to mean is not obvious to me.  I can only assume that the Turkish failure to prostrate itself before the Jewish State is tantamount to a threat to its existence.

The choice of wording indicates that Erdogan is ready for war.  Would that he were.  You see, if anyone dared to kill nine Israelis, the response from Israel would be, at least, hellish.  Erdogan has limited himself to purely diplomatic responses and one would think, reading the Jerusalem Post, that he were launching an invasion of Israel.

The headline that Haaretz opts for is, thankfully, more reality-based: “Erdogan: Turkey warships will escort any future Gaza aid flotilla“.  The article is provided by Reuters and states that

Turkish warships will escort any Turkish aid vessels to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said in remarks broadcast on Al Jazeera television on Thursday.

Erdogan also said that Turkey had taken steps to stop Israel from unilaterally exploiting natural resources from the eastern Mediterranean, according to Al Jazeera’s Arabic translation of excerpts of the interview, which was conducted in Turkish.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are yet to comment.  Expect the following:


Or something along those lines.