The lies of the Israeli right

by Omar Shtewi

The Jerusalem Post is a bastion of the Israeli right.

Today, it includes an article by one Benjamin Weinthal entitled “Top Dutch MP slams Turkey’s ‘belligerence’ against Israel“.

We are regaled with the wonderful story of a ‘Middle East expert’ and ‘top’ politician Wim Kotenoeven who has stood up for Israel against the wicked lies of all Muslims everywhere.  With no hint of embarrassment, Weinthal proclaims that

Middle East expert Kortenoeven accuses Turkey of “sliding into an abyss of Islamic extremism,”

Middle East expert?  As we know already, for the Euro-American Transatlantic Right – of which Israel is a firm part – it takes nothing to be a Middle East expert.  All one needs is to hate Arabs and all other Muslims everywhere, read a poorly researched book or two (if you’re Robert Spencer) or no books at all (if you’re Pamela Geller) and boom!  You’re a Middle East expert, with books coming out of your… ears, and articles lauding your efforts in the gutter post of the Israeli right.

But who is Wim Kortenoeven?  He is a member of Geert Wilders’ ‘Freedom Party’.  That’s right.  Geert Wilders, who wants to ban the Koran (in the name of freedom).  The same Geert Wilders who is a known supporter of Robert Spencer (scholar of nothing and frequent contributor to the US’s Fox News and Canada’s Sun TV among others where he spews his unearned expertise) and Pamela Geller, the prolific liar and writer of the bizarre Atlas Shrugs blog.

But of course, Mr Weinthal fails to mention Geert Wilders even once, despite the fact that Wilders is the founder and head of the Freedom Party.

Wienthal crows

According to a transcript and audio tape of Kortenoeven’s remarks, he stated: “Turkey, a member state of NATO, is also increasingly belligerent towards the Jewish State of Israel. Threats and baseless accusations are issued against Israel ever more frequently. And provocations are rampant. Israeli freighters are harassed by Turkish warships.”

Turkey is increasingly belligerent towards of the Jewish State of Israel?  Kortenoeven and his cheerleader Weinthal may like to elaborate on that.  I wonder, for example:  when was the last time that the Turkish military boarded an Israeli vessel in international waters and slaughtered nine Israeli civilians?  That’s right!  It was the ISRAELI military that boarded a TURKISH vessel in international waters and murdered NINE TURKISH CIVILIANS.  If Turkey limits its response to a little harassment of Israeli freighters, I would suggest that this is indicative of how civilised that bastion of the Islamic world is.

It is presumably Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s failure to prostrate himself to the Jewish State in the manner of Kortenoeven that has rendered him ‘belligerent’ towards poor Israel.  Never mind Israel’s point blank refusal to apologise for the massacre or to pay compensation.  Clearly any Muslim who objects to the slaughter of innocent people in the name of God’s Chosen People (or should that be race?) is an Islamist terrorist and threat to the free world.