Bye-bye BNP? Nick Griffin’s fraud.

by Omar Shtewi

The website of the British National Party is down.  They are hiding.

I mention it because this evening, the BBC aired a Panorama exposé of Nick Griffin’s disgraceful management of the BNP and its financial disarray.  In fact, ‘disarray’ may be putting it mildly.  This is a case of full-blown corruption by the ridiculous BNP chairman and yet another very gratifying symptom of the terrible malaise that currently afflicts his absurd and racist party.

The scandalous revelations follow the publication and distribution to BNP members many months ago of a short pamphlet written by concerned members of the racist outfit.

‘Party Overview: A Report on the Mismanagement of the BNP’ filled Nick Griffin with terror when it originally made the rounds among the party’s knuckle-dragging members.  He made some shabby efforts to deny its accusations of mismanagement, but the pamphlet came at the perfect time.

The Party, despite some gains in local elections, has slid back and support for it has waned.  Indeed, the mendacity of the party and even those who oppose Nick Griffin is laid bare in the introduction to the exposé:

“The time has never been more ripe for our party.  We are in a recession, immigration is at an all-time high and people are sick to the back teeth of political correctness.”

Translation:  we are perfectly placed to feed off the fears and anxieties of the British people in these times of great uncertainty yet Nick Griffin’s leadership is so inadequate that even in these ideal circumstances, he cannot raise the profile of the party.

It goes on

“All over Europe, Nationalist [sic] parties are on the rise” but “[T]ellingly most of the European Nationalist [sic] parties… won’t even sit with us in the European Parliament as we have become an embarrassment to other Nationalists [sic]”.

In addition to the humiliation heaped upon the party by the buffoon Nick Griffin, he has also left the party in a terrible financial mess.  The Panorama exposé goes into this in more detail, along with interviews with party insiders who were privy to the fraud committed by Griffin and other members of the party’s senior staff.  The leaflet distributed to members made the following claims:

  • Nepotism:  Griffin employs his daughter, Jennifer, and his son-in-law, paying them a combined £50,000 along with ‘unlimited expenses’.
  • Jennifer is in charge of BNP bank accounts and what the pamphlet describes as ‘slush funds’.
  • Griffin has lied about the extent of the BNP’s debts, stating that they stand at only £100,000.  Panorama stated though thatGriffinhas put the debts at £50,000.  The pamphlet presents an array of BNP creditors that are yet to receive payment
  • Griffin has cost the party £240,000 in legal costs related to his own outrageous behaviour

It goes on.

My fear though, is that the party will learn from this dreadful mismanagement of its public profile and respond accordingly.  The success of the Transatlantic Right in Europe and the United States is based on the fact that it cleverly conceals its racism.  It does not mention race.  It focuses obsessively on Muslims as a religious minority and courts the Jewish community such that Jewish support for right-wing movements is enormous.  In this way, the Transatlantic Right can deny that it is racist and present itself merely as a defender of Israel and Western civilisation.

When the BNP learns to imitate this method, used to such devestating effect in Europe and the US, Britain and its minorities (except the Jews) will be in big trouble.

Long may Nick Griffin remain in the driver’s seat of BNP.