The Arab Spring: When will Morocco catch up?

by Omar Shtewi

The Arab Spring happened for the following reasons:

  • Arab people are tortured by their governments when they oppose them.  See Syria and the rest
  • Arab countries are rich but the people live in absolute poverty, existing at the bottom of every human development indicator
  • Arab dictators live in a style that would embarrass Louis XIV
  • Arab dictators do this with the support of foreign governments – See Saudi Arabia and the rest
  • Arab dictators funnel money from the public purse to foreign corporations, creating jobs and opportunities for foreign countries thus ensuring that Arab people remain poor so that no viable middle class develops.  Democracy is sustained by a viable middle class

Nowhere is this clearer than in the horrifying country of Morocco.  It is a country that I know well.  I lived there.  I know that Moroccan people subsist day-to-day on the bare minimum of money.  I know that every young Moroccan man and woman is fully aware that they will amount to nothing.  They know that they will never earn a dignified living, regardless of their education.

Moroccan people know that this is because the King of Morocco, Muhammad VI, owns the entire country.  That is to say that there is no entrepreneurial activity in Morocco at any meaningful level without bribes being paid directly to the palace.

The king of Morocco owns the tourism industry.  He facilitates a massive sex tourism industry where local boys and young men are sexually abused by foreign men – mostly from France, Germany and the Netherlands.  The site of handsome young men walking the streets arm-in-arm with elderly white men is very common is cities like Marrakesh.  It certainly isn’t true love.  There are barely any prosecutions in Morocco for paedophilia.  It is discreetly encouraged by the government.  The government also facilitates the transfer of Moroccan women abroad where they work as prostitutes servicing Europeans (who take all the jobs) in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Jeddah.

The king of Morocco monopolises ALL industries that have any value whatsoever.  He owns the entire dairy industry.  He owns the tobacco industry and, of course, he owns ALL the natural resources of Morocco, ensuring that they are exploited by foreigners and that all proceeds are shipped abroad.  Moroccans live like dogs.

His wife is the vindictive and wicked scorpion Lalla Salma (Lalla means lady in Moroccan Arabic, though I think that’s an abuse of the Arabic language too far).

Lalla Salma, in what I can only guess was a calculated insult to the Moroccan people, recently gifted an obscenely expensive item of jewelry (presumably worth more than any Moroccan earns in a lifetime) to the Arab-killer of Israel Tzipora ‘Tzipi’ Livni during an official visit by her.  It should be noted that the Moroccan monarchy is an enthusiastic supporter of Israel and is silent when the Jewish State engages in its frequent mass-slaughters of Arabs and other Muslims.

I mention all of this because I think it provides important background to the following story being reported today on Al Arabiya.

The most important element of the Moroccan monarchy’s survival is the support that it gains from the French government.  Morocco was a French colony and French corporations, in collusion with the king, extract all wealth from the country to this very day, rendering Morocco’s ‘independence’ nothing more than a sick joke.

It has been announced that a French corporation will build a high-speed rail network in Morocco linking three squalid Moroccan cities:

The two countries signed an agreement four years ago to build a high-speed train network to link Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital, with Rabat and Tangiers at a cost of 33 billion Moroccan dirhams ($4 billion).

The idea, incidentally, that Casablanca is ‘Morocco’s economic capital’ is an outright lie.  There is no economic capital of Morocco.  There is, in fact, no economy at all.  The entire country is a cash-cow for France and the Moroccan king who functions more like a viceroy representing a colonial metropole.

So that we’re clear about who will derive benefit from the lucrative contracts and jobs from this obscene project – which the peasants of Morocco are forced, cruelly, to witness while they worry about where their next loaf of bread is coming from – we are reminded that:

 The 2007 agreement allows French firms, including power and transport engineering group Alstom SA , to design, build, operate and maintain the high-speed rail link, known as TGV in France

So.  Even when the project is finished and the fee – charged to the Moroccan people – is safely in Paris bank accounts, the maintenance work, which will no doubt go on forever, will be done by French companies.  That is to say that the Moroccan people will be paying for this grotesque project for generations.

My favourite part is this, which is scarcely worse than the Sarkozy literally spitting in the face of every Moroccan man, woman and child:

 “The French should know that the Moroccan TGV is work for the French. It is worth thousands of hours of work,” said Sarkozy.


As a side note, it is highly doubtful that any Moroccan will actually be able to afford a ticket for this fabulous train.  It is, in all likelihood, a massive project designed to make the lives of foreigners in the country easier.

Morocco is essentially a country under foreign occupation: wealthy Europeans retire there and buy homes, driving up the prices so that no Moroccan will ever own a house.  While there, taking in the scenery of Marrakesh and Fez, they enjoy an unlimited supply of young boys and girls.  The train will make their trips between cities easier.

The day that Morocco rises against its monarchy, burns its palaces to the ground and nationalises this railway will be the happiest day of my life.

May the country burn from north to south.