Of Nicolai Sennels and seeming stupid

by Omar Shtewi

Robert Spencer – he of no qualifications in Islamic studies and no academic publications to his name –informed us some time ago that he had included, among others, an extreme right-wing self-proclaimed psychologist named Nicolai Sennels as part of the Jihad Watch team.

Spencer stated, without irony or shame, that this was part of the ‘cutting-edge scholarship’ of his blog.

Sennels is unable, it appears, to write anything true.  This is why, presumably, his services have been retained by Spencer at Jihad Watch.  It appears that all one needs to do to contribute to the blog is

  • Hate Muslims
  • Know nothing about Muslims or Islam
  • Claim to be something that you are not – a scholar, a historian, a psychologist, anything really.

I wrote here about an example of Sennels’ cutting-edge scholarship.  Briefly, there has been a spate of arson attacks in Berlin.  There is no evidence and, indeed, no suggestion by the Berlin authorities, that these attacks have been carried out by Turks or any other sort of largely-brown Muslim.  Sennels, though, suggested that they are are.

I wrote the following email to Sennels, enquiring about his odd attitude to facts.

Dear Mr Sennels

Some time ago, at Jihad Watch, you posted this.  In it, you claim that those guilty for this spate vandalism are Turks (Muslims).  

On what basis did you make this claim?  Are you able to provide any proof?  Are you privy to any information in this matter to which theBerlinpolice are not?  If not, why did you claim that Muslims are guilty of these attacks?

You have also posted a video on Jihad Watch of a young man behaving in a rude, abusive and intimidating manner on a train inDenmark.  What indications are there in the video that suggest that the man is a Muslim?  Did you, at the time of posting, have any information that indicated that the man was a Muslim?  If not, why did you make the claim?

I wrote about your post regarding the car vandalism in Berlin here.  If you feel that I have been in any way unfair, please let me know.

True to the cutting-edge scholarship that characterises Jihad Watch, its fearless leader Bob Spencer and his underlings, I received the following from Nicolai Sennels, Man of Letters:

Hi Omar

The words “Turk” and “Muslim” are not in that article. You seem stupid.


My point exactly.  The words ‘Turk’ and ‘Muslim’ appear nowhere in article that he provides as evidence that Turks (which is to say Muslims) are responsible for the attacks.

I would suggest, therefore, that it is not I who seems stupid.

I wrote the following in response to Mr Sennels, but I am yet to hear back.  Like Spencer and Geller before him, there is no effort to answer for his bold claims.

Mr Sennels

Perhaps my email was not clear:


In the post – which you can find via this link – you say that:

Berlin is the third largest Turkish city after Istanbul and Ankara, and a prime example of failed multiculturism. Citizens are starting to discuss vigilantism and whether or not they should establish armed patrols. Christians “have long called for a special auxiliary police made up of volunteers who would have uniforms, batons and handcuffs.”

But the article you provide does not mention Turks or Muslims.  That is true.  But you are obviously trying to make the link, are you not? 

Many thanks

Omar M Shtewi


In response to the above email, I received the following from Nicolai Sennels.  I would suggest that it goes some way to explain why he is a highly appropriate candidate to contribute to Jihad Watch.

It looks like you are that missing link.