Nicolai Sennels: Muslims conquer the Danish passport, prepare battle plans for the Islamisation of parking tickets

by Omar Shtewi

Nicolai Sennels, a Jihad Watch contributor from Denmark has been busy over the last week or so.  I have written previously about his lies here, and I am working on a longer post about him.

In the meantime though, here is another example of Sennels’ ramblings which I think provides an excellent example of the general tactic of the Transatlanic Right.

An important element of their blogging and writing is to take small incidents involving Muslims (or in some cases, simply brown people – of which more in a later post) and to attach to them a civilisational importance that drives the reader to believe that these small – and in most cases, irrelevant – issues are going to lead to the collapse of Western civilisation.

This is, I am certain, precisely the kind of gross exaggeration that led Anders Breivik to take up arms against his own people by massacring those he believed were in cahoots with the Muslims to conquer and/or destroy the West.

And so, in that spirit, Nicolai Sennels explains the Islamization of the Danish passport.

His basic problem is that Muslim women are allowed to wear the headscarf – hijab – which covers only the hair and neck.  They are not – quite reasonably – allowed to wear the full face veil – niqab – according to the Danish authorities.

Sennels attempts to provide some logic-based explanation.  He states that the hijab

covers both your hair, your ears and the general contour of your head

Except that that is not true.  The contours of the woman’s head in the image (provided by the Danish authorities showing the headscarf as they would like it to be worn) are no more obscured than they would be by her hair.

From this, Sennels believes that the passport is being ‘Islamized’.  Muslims have conquered Danish passports.  Because a woman can wear a headscarf, the passport has been Islamised.

It may sound ridiculous to you and me, but Anders Breivik has killed over such things.