Robert Spencer: Expert.

by Omar Shtewi

Anyone familiar with Robert Spencer will know that there is nothing he will not claim to be an expert on.  This is, I suppose, a symptom of the general decline of the United States.  Opinion in America is frequently presented as fact and polemic as scholarship.

And so, Robert Spencer – non-expert on all things – provides his analysis of the recent collapse of Turkish-Israeli relations.  See examples here and here.

You will recall that the Israeli army slaughtered nine Turkish civilians attempting to deliver aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.  The Israeli government could not accept that killing civilians – even those of their allies – is wrong and therefore refused to apologise for the massacre.  The result has been an unsurprising collapse in relations between the two countries.

However, since Turkey is an Islamic country, Robert Spencer explains the issues between the two states in the most infantile way possible.  He states, for example, that Turkish Prime Minister Ergodan “wants jihad”.

Translation: you must accept that the State of Israel can do as it pleases, murdering your civilians and behaving as if it owns the entire Middle East.  If you refuse to do this, you are jihadist.

Even more bizarre, Ergodan’s denunciations of Israel are in fact, attempts to

Push for jihad against Israel as he works to destroy Kemalist secularism and reestablish Sharia at home.

It is important to remember that Spencer takes himself seriously.  More frightening is that he is a regular guest on Fox News – the most watched news channel in the USA.

You’ll find an interesting piece on the Transatlantic Right here on Aljazeera English’s ‘The Listening Post’.  Take a few moments to watch.