Melanie Phillips. Liar.

by Omar Shtewi


British journalist and author Melanie Phillips is a key figure in the Transatlantic Right.  I’m very familiar with her writing (as was the mass-murder of Norway, Anders Breivik – she features in his manifesto) and I plan in future to provide a more extensive examination of her hate-filled work.

Melanie Phillips

After the ignominious exit of her hate-blog from the right-wing Spectator website (she appears to have told one lie too many and made herself a liability), she now has a blog at the British tabloid The Daily Mail, which toys with politics in between extensive coverage of the latest comings and goings of inexplicably famous ‘celebrities’.

In her second post on this new blog, she discusses the upcoming UN vote for Palestinian statehood, in which the Palestinian Authority seeks to have the State of Palestine recognised officially by the United Nations.  She says of the Palestinian bid

The unilateral declaration is demonstrably an aggressive stunt and an act of purposeful hostility against Israel.  One might indeed say that, if the GA votes in favour of this incendiary gesture, this will effectively be the GA’s [General Assembly] declaration of war upon Israel.  

That is to say that, when the Palestinians seek recognition by the international community through the United Nations, they are engaged in act of hostility.  Further – and it is helpful here to bear in mind that Melanie Phillips is an absolutely committed Jewish nationalist – if the General Assembly recognises Palestine, they will be declaring war against Israel.

Translation: any policy by any nation anywhere in the world that is contrary to the wishes of the extreme-right of the Jewish Israeli leadership is an act of aggression against Israel.  Any recognition that the Palestinian people have the right to anything whatsoever is act of aggression against Israel.

In the world of Melanie Phillips, and those like her, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a zero-sum game, whereby anything other than the abject suffering of the Palestinians represents a loss to Israel and perhaps – who knows? – every Jew on earth.

It is also necessary to point out that Melanie Phillips very rarely uses the word ‘Palestinian’ unless she absolutely has to.  She prefers the broad term ‘Arab’ since in doing so, she accomplishes two things

  • Reduction of Palestinian status in the mind of her readers in what is now Israel and the West Bank and the discrete suggestion that since they are merely ‘Arabs’ they can be moved to any Arab country – because they are all the same – and therefore downplay any links that the Palestinians have locally
  • Convincing the reader that Israel is, in fact, at war with all of the Arab states of the Middle East – from Morocco to Kuwait – and with all of their 300 million inhabitants.  This promotes the idea that little plucky Israel is David to the horrifying Arab Goliath.  Her broad reference to ‘Arabs’ enables her to suggest that Israel has been at war with such states as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen.  It has not.

And so, to accomplish the above, she states that the Palestinian effort to gain UN recognition is an act of violence and that

There are very real fears that the declaration will be used as the pretext to ignite the Arab world into a fresh campaign of violence against Israel. Already, Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party has urged mass marches in cities ahead of the UN vote. Few can have any confidence in the pro-forma calls for non-violent protests. Far from being a gesture towards peace, this declaration sounds the drumbeat for war. Even if no violence occurs, this unilateral initiative rips up previous treaty undertakings made with Israel by the Palestinian Authority and obviates any possibility of a negotiated settlement of the Middle East impasse. 

Ignite the Arab world into a fresh campaign of violence against Israel?  A fresh campaign?  Perhaps Phillips can remind the world when the original campaign of violence by the entire Arab world took place.  I doubt it though.  Because it never happened.

Notice too, that even peaceful protest, in the form of non-violent mass marches, is regarded as an act of violence even if no violence occurs.  Translation: everything the Arabs do is violent.  Even if it is not.

She goes on to lambaste Prime Minister David Cameron by suggesting that his refusal to reject the proposal for Palestinian statehood out of hand before he has even seen it is ‘deeply shocking’.

So it is ‘deeply shocking’ for the Prime Minister not to instantly stand with the government of Israel – which Phillips seems to consistently forget is a foreign country – even when it brings the Middle East region, through its own outrageous behaviour (the Mavi Marmara Massacre, the Gaza Massacre, the recent slaughter of five Egyptian soldiers, the recent violation of Egypt’s sovereign waters), to the brink of war.

Third, Cameron is considering endorsing the creation of a racist state which is committed to the eradication of its neighbour. For Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly said he will never accept Israel as a Jewish state – the actual casus belli of the Arab war against Israel

Melanie Phillips suggests that the Palestinian State will be racist.  She provides no evidence for this.  Quite how the indigenous people, living under the heel of an occupying power can be racist in their resistance to it, is beyond me.  She might like to explain how it is not racist that she – a British Jew with no links whatsoever to Palestine – is, under Israeli law, entitled to citizenship of Israel and to live there simply because she is a Jew .  The Palestinians however, as the indigenous people of the region, have no such rights.

But it has long been the stance of Phillips and those of her ilk that refusing to accept Jewish supremacy in the region – absolutely and without reservation – is tantamount to anti-Semitism and the desire to eradicate Israel and to kill all Jews everywhere.

Note also the sly reference to the Arab war against Israel.  She knows, and the world knows, that there is not, nor has there ever been, any such thing.  That makes Melanie Phillips a liar.

She states also

Moreover, Abbas has also said repeatedly that not one Israeli will be permitted to live in this state of Palestine (as well as no Jewish soldiersin any NATO troops stationed there). That is why the Israeli ‘settlers’ living beyond the 1948 cease-fire lines are deemed to be the obstacle to such a state – because it will be ethnically cleansed of every single Jew.

When Israel occupied the Palestinian territories in 1967, it began a transfer of Jews from Israel proper into these territories at the expense of the Palestinians.  This is called colonisation and it is illegal under international law for an occupying power to transfer members of its own population to territories that it occupies.  But this is precisely what Israel has done.

Imagine if the British and American governments began moving Iraqi and Afghan civilians from their land and replacing them with British and American civilians – effectively creating an empire.  There would, rightly, be uproar.  However, when the State of Israel transfers hundreds of thousands of its Jewish citizens to the occupied Palestinian territories, the Jewish state encounters curiously little in the way of international objection that goes beyond banal and perfunctory finger-wagging.

Moreover, when the Palestinian leadership suggests that these settlers – and settlers is precisely what they are, Phillips’ speech-marks notwithstanding – be returned to Israel, they are accused of ethnic cleansing.

Translation: unless you allow a Jew to live anywhere he or she likes at the expensive of anyone he or she targets, you are guilty of anti-Semitism, ethnic cleansing, genocide and, presumably, can be counted with Hitler in your hatred of the Jewish people.

She completes this lie-filled tirade with the following paragraph:

The Prime Minister should be asked in the House of Commons just why the British government is so gung-ho for a racist Palestinian state ethnically cleansed of Jews, led by a Holocaust-denier and committed to the destruction of the Jews’ national homeland – and why it is even considering endorsing the repudiation of international law to bring it about.

Here, Melanie Phillips has accused the Prime Minister of supporting the ‘ethnic cleansing of Jews’ without batting an eye.

That is to say that if David Cameron fails to do precisely and exactly what the government of Israel wants, he is an anti-Semite.

I give you Melanie Phillips.  Liar.