Tommy Robinson TLRA

by Omar Shtewi


Martyrdom and divine suffering are not things of the past.  If you thought that Jesus of Nazareth was the last, according to Christian tradition, to die for the sins of mankind, you would be wrong.

For Jesus the Nazarene , King of the Jews (INRI – Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm), has been succeeded – perhaps even superceded – by Tommvs Lvtonvs Rex Anglvs (Tommy the Lutonian King of the English).

For those of you who are yet to be baptised into the Church of Tommvs Lvtonvs, the theological specifics are thus:

Tommvs Lvtonvs dispatched his apostles to East London to harass the local Muslim community there to defend freedom of speech and oppose terrorism.

While it may not be clear to the neophyte reader how harassing the general Muslim community translates into opposition to terrorism, trust blindly that it is simply the case.  You don’t get your knickers in a twist when the Trinity baffles you.  Nor should you be overly concerned that the tactics of the Church of Tommvs Lvtonvs do not actually conform to stated goals of the Church.  Jesus preached the nobility of poverty.  The Pope has a solid gold bath.  Shut up.

The despotic regime of Pontius Pilate David Cameron has placed TLRA in detention.  This vicious latter-day Roman regime has claimed that TLRA is, in fact, in breach of his bail conditions relating to an assault – no doubt a Roman fabrication – he is alleged to have committed at a previous demonstration.

The following is taken from a sermon posted on the site of the Church:

A martyr is someone who svffers for a cavse. And Tommvs is most definitely someone who has svffered for his.  


The sermon proceeds thus:

Tommvs jvdged that the right to free speech, the right to peacefvl protest, and his dvty to speak ovt against the tyrannical inflvence of radical Islam [that is, the existence of Muslims], ovtweighed the covrt’s decision to place svch strict limitations on his freedoms; a decision lent weight by the Evropean Covrt of Hvman Rights’ rvlings on the right to freedom of assembly.

He jvdged, quite rightly, that in breaking his bail conditions he wovld treated far more harshly than we have seen radical Mvslims treated. He was certain this wovld send a clear signal to anyone concerned abovt freedom of speech or abovt the inflvence of radical Islam in this covntry, that ovr freedoms are vnder attack, and the government, the covrts, and the media are yet to wake up to the threat. In the worst cases, they’re even complicit in this attack on freedom.

To suggest that in accusing the media and the government of complicity in a Muslim conspiracy to conquer the United Kingdom, TLRA is echoing the sentiments of Anders Breivik, is a heresy.  Be thou warn’d.

The Church has also outlined – rightly – the terrible hypocrisy of such organisations as Amnesty International who, in focusing on such trivia as real human rights abuses around the world, have overlooked the case of TLRA:

We’re still waiting for the call from Amnesty offering Tommvs legal assistance with his vnjvst, political imprisonment at the hands of the evil VK jvnta. Shovld we ask if he can get a Red Cross visit? Perhaps the Red Crescent?


So horrifying is this attack on TLRA’s Ministry, that even the British National Party – which frowns upon the English Defense League – has issued a video statement by Marcus Aurelius Nick Griffin, a transcript of which I provide below.

I offer one hundred prayers for Tommy the Lutonian’s delivery from Evil.


Marcus Aurelius Discusses the Passion of Tommy the Lutonian.

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

You wouldn’t know it if you were looking at the BBC or Sky News or any of the other controlled media butEnglandat present has another new political prisoner.

Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League was jailed earlier this week, having last weekend broken bail conditions – outrageously imposed anti-free speech bail conditions to attend a demonstration in East London against the Islamfication of that area and of our country as a whole.

Now, the British National Party and myself, we don’t hold any brief for the English Defence League.  I’m not endorsing the English Defence League.  But I am here to say that for the BBC, for the mainstream media, to completely ignore the fact that a significant minor figure in British politics is in prison and is now on hunger strike to protest against this attack on freedom of speech er, it’s outrageous.

This is a significant event and it’s utterly wrong that the controlled media can manipulate what people think, what they talk about, by keeping an event like that out of the public eye.

So we’ve got a big reach on our internet site.  We’ve got a big reach with videos like this on YouTube.  Social networking has an even bigger reach.

Please, get out there.  Spread this message.  Not because necessarily you support the British National Party, not because necessarily you support the English Defence League and Tommy Robinson, but just as a way of hitting back against the mass media, trying to control what you think by not telling you and your friends what’s going on in this, our country.

Thank you very much.