The Transatlantic Web

by Omar Shtewi

The Guardian has an important analysis of the anti-Muslim network that was key to the intellectual grooming of Anders Breivik.  Here are some key stats:

  • Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch blog is referenced 116 times by Breivik
  • Gates of Vienna – an important anti-Muslim blog written by an American, is referenced 86 times
  • And ‘Fjordman’ – a key anti-Muslim figure who has gone into hiding since the Breivik massacre – is referenced 114 times by the killer

A key point in the article is that it highlights the extent to which fraudsters like Spencer (who claim expertise in a field in which they have no training) have entered the mainstream.  We already know that Spencer and Geller make frequent appearances on Fox News to spread anti-Muslim hysteria and tall tales about a wide-ranging Muslim conspiracy to conquer the US and the rest of the world.

It must be remembered, though, that in the United Kingdom their views have contaminated our media.  Melanie Phillips – the Jewish extremist and rabid anti-Arab racist – is a columnist for the Daily Mail and has written frequently for other media outlets.  She often partners with Douglas Murray – who has made numerous appearances on the BBC – to spread anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.  Both of them are full of praise for Robert Spencer.

The Guardian states that

One place where these strands intertwine is the Brussels Journal, a website run by the Belgian Catholic MEP Paul Belien, a member of the far-right Vlaams Belang party. The British Europhobic Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan appeared for three years on the Brussels Journal’s masthead. Hannan has since denounced the European neo-fascist parties as not really rightwing at all.

It should be noted that representatives from the extreme-right Vlaams Belang party recently came to the United Kingdom to be lectured by Nick Griffin of the BNP on the ‘real’ cause of the recent London riots – multiculturalism, essentially.

Read the whole thing.