The EDL inflicts itself on London

by Omar Shtewi

The EDL is an 'anti-extremist' organisation, as you can see here.

Imagine if a group of demonstrators, protesting Israeli policy in the West Bank, the massacres in Gaza and aboard the Mavi Marmara, converged on the Jewish community of Golders Green to vent their anger.  Imagine if the protesters wore pig masks.  Would you believe that they are not anti-Semitic?

That would be a disgrace.  The Jews of Golders Green do not make policy in Israel.  The only legitimate place to protest the actions of the Israeli government, is outside the Israeli embassy.

This is not a bigot. Any resemblance to a bigot is purely coincidental

If one wanted to protest against Islamic extremism or Islamist terrorism, the appropriate place to do so would be, I believe, outside the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran considering that it is from these places that funding and material support for acts of terror come.

A collective effort to harass a Muslim community in this country as they attempt to go about their business is sheer victimisation.

And this is the tactic of the English Defence League.

Far from actually protesting against Islamic extremism, they simply protest against Muslims wherever there are large numbers of them.  This is why the EDL selects such places as Bradford, Luton and today, Tower Hamlets, for their protests.

This is why, despite the thin claims of the EDL to be some sort of human rights organisation, their demonstrations always descend into animalistic displays of racism and violence.  The EDL is what it is and no number of essays on their website will change that.

Here is an anti-extremist.

Take this one, for example, where we are asked to equate the EDL’s neo-Brown-Shirt rallies with – wait for it – the Notting Hill Carnival:

Nowadays, the anti-extremism aims of our organisation are clear, and there is no reason to think that an EDL demonstration would contain any dangerous elements or that our presence would provoke more than the usual shrill, misinformed condemnation that we are used to from members of the far-Left.

No reason to think that EDL demonstrations could be dangerous!  None whatsoever except that, according to the Guardian (no doubt spewing far-Left commie lies),

There were frequent angry confrontations. At one stage EDL members chanted “You’re scum and you know you are” to foreign tourists, while an Asian man singled out for abuse shouted back: “I’m as English as you are.” [my emphasis]

The Guardian also helpfully reminds us that

The EDL decision to go ahead with a demonstration was also controversial following the recent massacre of young Norwegian political activists by anti-Muslim extremist Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik admitted killing 77 people in July when he detonated a bomb in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, before embarking on a shooting spree at a Social Democratic youth camp on the nearby island of Utøya.

Breivik had previously lauded EDL campaigns against the “Islamisation of Britain” and claimed to have 600 EDL supporters as Facebook friends [my emphasis]

The BBC – another purveyor, no doubt, of Islamo-Communist filth – reports that

Scuffles broke out and missiles were thrown by activists as 3,000 officers tried to maintain control… There were 16 arrests during the demonstration for offences including assault on a police officer, common assault, drunk and disorderly and affray… EDL founder Stephen Lennon, 28, breached his bail conditions by attending the protests in Aldgate, but was not one of those arrested [my emphasis]

But of course the violent hatred that characterises the EDL and was so admired by Anders Breivik is no doubt a lie fabricated by the Leftist-Islamic conspiracy.

Another anti-extremist

The anti-Muslim hate site Gates of Vienna, where Anders Breivik had left comments in years past, provided live blogging of the EDL march.

But don’t worry, there is nothing racist or hateful about the EDL – except, of course, for the racism and the hate.