Russia gets down to business

by Omar Shtewi

Let's be friends...

One of the most disappointing elements of the Libyan Revolution has been the reaction of certain states to the prospect of Arab freedom.

The degradation and humiliation of the Arabs has, historically, made incalculable sums of money for foreign powers.

While the Arabs are oppressed by a thin domestic elite, their countries are systematically looted by that elite in collusion with foreign powers.  The foreigners provide the weapons necessary to oppress the native population and keep the dictatorship in power, while winning ‘contracts’ for the removal any natural resources of any value.

This is precisely how Russia’s relationship with the Gaddafi dictatorship worked.  Russia provided arms to the regime – which Gaddafi has used, since the outbreak of the uprising to murder upwards of 50,000 Libyans – and in return was awarded contracts in the country, funneling billions to the mafia oligarchs of Moscow.

This explains Russia’s reluctance to recognise the Transitional National Council which is overseeing Libya’s transition to democracy.

If there were any doubt that Russia’s reluctance (and that of Brazil and China) to recognise the new government was based solely on their profitable relations with Gaddafi, we have the proof today from the horse’s mouth.

Al Arabiya reports that Dmitri Medvedev – Putin’s puppet president – has stated that Russia will recognise the TNC provided that it ‘honours’ (with no sense of irony) the contracts struck with the previous regime.  Al Arabiya reports that

Moscow had billions of dollars’ worth of arms, energy and infrastructure deals with Libya under its deposed leader Muammar Qaddafi, and Russian officials have expressed concern they could be lost in the transition.

So there we have it.  You can have democracy, provided that you live like dogs forever so that Russian oligarchs can live high on your money.  Oh, and forget that your sons and daughters were killed by ‘Made in the Russian Federation’ Bullets.

Let’s hope that the TNC specifies precisely where Mr Medvedev can insert his recognition.