Paul Ray and Anders Breivik

by Omar Shtewi

Paul Ray. Crusader. Knight.

Who is Paul Ray?  And what is his relationship with the butcher of Otoya Island?

According to the Guardian,

the names of individuals and several far-right groups emerged from questioning of British anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray as well as further interviews with Breivik

Ray is an anti-Muslim blogger and self-styled Knight of the Temple of Solomon.

It has been suggested that Ray is the ‘mentor’ who is mentioned in Breivik’s lengthy Manifesto.  The Guardian goes on

Ray was interviewed last week after claims he may have been the “mentor” mentioned by Breivik in his “manifesto”, posted online shortly before he carried out the killings on 22 July.

Ray, who wrote his blog under the name Lionheart, has said it appeared Breivik drew inspiration from some of his ideas and writings, but he has repeatedly denied any link, saying he never met Breivik and was horrified by the killings. He said he travelled to Norway to “clear his name”.

According to Paul Ray, he has nothing to do with the ideological grooming of the mass murderer.  In fact, he places the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Norwegian blogger Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen who, until he was actually mistaken for Breivik in the immediate aftermath of the Oslo and Utoya slaughter, was known only by his pseudonym Fjordman.

Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen

Mr Jensen was a prolific and eloquent anti-Muslim blogger whose writing featured at – would you believe it! – Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch blog (ever the home of thoughtful and sober analysis of issues relating to Islam and Muslims).  His self-published book ‘Defeating Eurabia’ is available to read at the tastefully named anti-Muslim blog (it never ends) ‘Vlad Tepes‘.

Crusader and warrior monk Paul Ray, in an unedifying display of cowardice, has blamed Breivik’s attack against his own country on Jensen – who is now in hiding and, mercifully, has vowed never to blog again (unlike Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, who are immune to the sobering effects of mass murder).

Indeed, he has described Jensen – quite bizarrely – as a leftist (the word leftist is used by the Transatlantic Right in much the same way that Paki and Nigger are used by other racists).  He writes, in a post on his blog entitled ‘Fraudman who was Fjordman’ that Jensen is

The Norwegian blogger mentioned 111 times in Anders Breivik’s blood soaked manifesto that is dripping in the blood [we have a wordsmith on our hands] of 69 innocent Norwegian kids who were murdered on a summer camp along with 8 adults from the bombed Government building.

Not only is this man mentioned 111 times inside the pages of the ‘cursed manifesto’ but it is also named after one of his essays – European Deceleration of Independence

He hid from the world behind his anonymous alias [what?] for a number of years and encouraged through his online written direction, the likes of his countryman Anders Breivik to commit his murderous atrocity against the people of Norway.

He goes on

…as soon as he was exposed to the light of day, a little nerdy leftie come out of the shadows as the mighty Fraudman, the so-called dark prophet of Norway and the man ‘ideologically’ behind Breivik [emphasis mine]

It was Jensen, then, who espoused the views that would prompt Breivik to carry out his massacre.  It was Jensen who convinced Breivik that his country – along with the West as a whole – was being systematically destroyed by an evil alliance of leftists (the summer camp on Utoya was a Labour Party event) and Muslims.  It must follow, then, that Ray does not, and has never, espoused ideas that could have in any way contributed to Breivik’s ideological development (or degradation) and its bloody conclusion on Utoya Island.

It was Jensen who was ‘exposed’.  Ray remains clean as a whistle.

Paul Ray – Lionheart

On 1 May, 2007, Paul Ray – Templar – posted an article entitled ‘Jihad (Holy War) against Our Children & Labour’s complicity’.

Labour’s complicity?  He surely doesn’t mean that Britain’s own Labour Party is in cahoots with the Muslims in an Islamic Holy War against the babies of the United Kingdom?  Surely not, because that’s the kind of thing that Anders Breivik would kill to stop.  Anders Breivik might, for instance, execute the youth wing of a political party that committed such treason.

Ray begins

Our children are the future of ‘Our’ Nation and ‘We’ are the descendants of Our Forefathers.

The United Kingdom is Our Homeland [sic], a place of safety and a sanctuary for us and Our [sic] children to grow into civilized [sic] people in the civilized [sic] world.

Great Britain was once called Great because it was a Christian Nation [sic]*, where society was underpinned by the ethics of the Judeo/Christian [sic] world. The every day British man on the street can no longer call his Nation [sic] Great [sic] because it is not, we now have the Islamic Kingdom building itself upon Our [sic] land and we the people are forced to accept this abomination under the guise of political correctness.

The people in power who are controlling Our Nation [sic] have destroyed Great Britain and are continuing that destruction of Our [sic] homeland at an alarming rate. Helping Islam into [sic] the uncontrollable force which it is now, is by far the worst act of betrayal towards the British people by the greedy power hungry traitors at the top of the British food chain. [emphasis mine]

The claim that Anders Breivik got none of his ideas from Ray – who wrote the above four years before the massacre – is laughable and offensive.  But Ray isn’t finished.  The Crusader states even more clearly that

These treacherous traitors should be stamping out Moslem interference with British life and culture but instead are aiding the Islamic Kingdom’s destruction of Our [sic] society and future inheritance of Our children

Treacherous traitors?  It would be my pleasure to cast aside the semi-literate ramblings of this buffoon as foolishness beneath notice.  However, bloggers like Ray (and Spencer, and Geller, and Ye’or, and ‘Vlad Tepes’ and ‘Gates of Vienna’ and the many others) are important.  Buffoons or not, they have influence.

Ray claims that Breivik’s actions were not motivated by him.  Personally, I cannot slide a cigarette paper between their viewpoints.  His bizarre view of the Muslim Kingdom becomes clearer when he states that

Our schools are the environment across Our [sic] land, for Our [sic] children to grow into British citizens, training and educating the next generation of British people and leaders to run Our [sic] country. This sanctity of British life should be protected at all costs, but this Labour government does not think so, so is more than willing to hand Our [sic] education system over to Islam and indoctrinate Our [sic] children to Islams [sic] world view.

Muslims – with their Labour puppets – have taken over the education system.  Quite how they did it, I do not know.  When they did it, I do not know.  But they did it.  Muslims have taken over the education system.  These bizarre assertions are on full display at Ray’s blog and yet he dares to claim that he had nothing to do with Breivik’s grooming.

And here is the call to arms:

How much further into the Abyss [sic] of Islam is Our [sic] country going to allow Our [sic] treasanous leaders to take us before the common man sees sense and defends his homeland for the sake of his children and the future generations that are to come.

What would you do to defend your children from enslavement?  Would you kill?  Would you kill the accomplices of those who wish to enslave, or otherwise destroy, your children?  Anders Breivik did.  And Ray scratches his head in bemusement at the accusation that he had anything at all to do with it.  Read the rest if you can stomach it.  He ends his piece with an appeal to vote for the BNP.

*The ‘Great’ in Great Britain refers to the main island of the Kingdom, as opposed to the former British claim on what is today Britanny in the north of France.  It was not the equivalent of calling the country ‘Awesome Britain’ or ‘Super Britain’ as Ray seems think.  While his grip on the basic rudiments of the English language is not firm, he should remember that ‘great’ may also mean ‘big’.