The Gaddafis. A family of taste. Update.

by Omar Shtewi

I know what you're thinking. But this elegant lady is not Audrey Hepburn. This is Alina, wife of Hannibal Gaddafi. More about her in a later post.

The rebels of the newly free Libya are still ransacking the Gaddafi palaces and villas as part of the catharsis which must follow 42 years of torture and degradation.

Hannibal Gaddafi. 'Miami Vice Chic'.

Among the newly discovered items from the Bab el Aziziyeh compound are photo albums.

Alina again. I have nothing to add.

You may think, from such understated elegance and good taste, that you are thumbing through a vintage Vogue from the 1950s.  Not so.

Here we have Sophia Gaddafi - matriarch - and her eldest son Seif el Islam. With them is Aisha Gaddafi, prior to her decision to dye her hair a shade of blonde that occurs nowhere in nature. Note that the Libyan people paid for those sleeves.