Am I an act of genocide?

by Omar Shtewi

I think I might be.

Whilst I have never considered myself to be a walking, talking, act of violence against the British people, having read the latest profound revelations on the website of the British National Party this morning, it seems that I am genocide.

The BNP, we should remember is not, according to its Chairman Nick Griffin, a racist party.  No.  Rather, it is simply a whites only party.  There is, apparently, a difference between racism and racial exclusion.  It is not clear to me what that difference is.  I am not a Philosopher King like Griffin though.

This morning we are graced with an excellent appraisal of the racial situation in the United Kingdom in the form of an article entitled “One third of births in Britain are to foreign parents“.  It seems that

At least 31 percent of babies born in the UK have at least one non-UK-born parent, and in some areas the level is above 75 percent, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed. 

Seems that I am among that 31 per cent.  I only have one English parent.  My stock is compromised.  I am of the impure.  This is a reality that I struggle with daily.  But little did I know that in addition to not being eligible to join the Leader’s party and march to glorious Churchillian victory with him, I am also doing genocidal violence to the British people by dint of my wicked genetics.  I learned this morning that:

 the true scale of the ethnic cleansing of the real British people [is] much faster than disclosed.

The British National Party is the only party committed to stopping the hastening destruction of our race and our country, and preventing the erasure of thousands of years of our history and our culture.

You’re either in favour of the genocide of the British people, or you’re in the British National Party. There is no middle ground. There is no other option.

Many of us labour under the false assumption that ethnic cleansing and genocide are serious matters involving acts of violence against an ethnic or religious community that represents an existential threat to them – think Bosnia, Rwanda, Palestine, the Armenians.  Not so.

When an English person – that is a pure Anglo-Saxon specimen of racial completeness – falls in love with an ‘other’, this is not an innocent occurrence.  It is an act of genocide.  I’m not certain that my mother is aware that she is a war criminal.  We’ll discuss it over dinner some time.