Robert Spencer. Liar.

by Omar Shtewi

Spencer poses with the Israeli flag. He loves Israel because they make war against Muslim nations which, for Spencer, is always legitimate.

One of Robert Spencer’s defining characteristics is that he thinks he is an expert on everything.  There is no subject on which is will not pose as an expert – including, even, the Arabic language, which he does not speak.

Not only does he pose as an expert in Islamic Studies – a field in which he has no training – but also, it seems, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Spencer has this on his blog today:

As Palestinian Authority prepares for UN statehood bid, Abbas warns: “Don’t order us to recognize a Jewish state.  We won’t accept it.”

The crux of this topic is that Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas has stated, yet again, that he will not recognise Israel as a Jewish State.  That is to say, he will not cast aside the claims of the Palestinian people and acceptIsrael as the homeland of the Jewish people over the Palestinians.  This makes perfect sense to most people.  To ask that the Palestinians acceptIsrael as a Jewish state is to ask that they become Zionists and accept their own dispossession.

The Palestinians have, though, for some time now, officially recognised the State of Israel.  In the same way thatBritain recognises France and France recognisesPortugal, the Palestinian authority has recognisedIsrael.  It has been this way for some time, but Spencer, who knows not whereof he speaks (ever) has the two confused.  That is why, in his commentary for he article he provides, he has this to say:

Recognition of the State of Israel has always been one of the stated conditions of theUnited Statesfor any accord withIsrael.

Yes it has.  And the Palestinians recognise Israel.  But Spencer is confused.  He is confusing official recognition of the State of Israel (which is what the Palestinians have done) with recognition of Israel as a Jewish state – which is a new demand introduced by the Israelis in order to further delay peace.   Spencer has these two issues mixed up.  He goes on, groping in the dark in total ignorance:

Israel has been pressed again and again to make concessions, and has made them, in exchange for empty promises and the hope of this recognition.

Robert Spencer claims to be a scholar.  Some very important people have fallen for this lie.  Robert Spencer, the charlatan, has even convinced the FBI and theUSarmy that he is a scholar and they have invited him to give lectures to their personnel.  This is serious.