Algeria Harbours War Criminals

by Omar Shtewi

Like Gaddafi, Bouteflika has stolen billions from Algeria while his people struggle

The Algerian dictatorship, led by the ridiculous and venal Abdel-Aziz Bouteflika is, according various news sources, harbouring the Gaddafi butchers.

Algiers has apparently confirmed that, in support genocide against the Libyan people, they are now harbouring:

  • Sophia el Gaddafi – wife of the tyrant and thief of billions of dollars of Libya’s money
  • Aisha el Gaddafi – daughter of the tyrant and thief of billions of dollars of Libya’s money
  • Mohammed el Gaddafi – son of the tyrant, rapist and thief of billions of dollars of Libya’s money
  • Hannibal el Gaddafi – son of the tryant, rapist and thief of billions of dollars of Libya’s money
  • And other butchers, rapists and thieves, totalling at least 30 criminals

A spokesman for the National Transitional Council rightly described the move as an act of aggression against the Libyan people.  It certainly cannot be understood as anything else.

This comes in the wake of denials from Algiers some days ago that the Gaddafi family had entered Algeria in a fleet of armoured Mercedes-Benzes:

 Al Jazeera‘s Anita McNaught, reporting on these developments from Tripoli, said: “There have been rumours over the last few days that said the family members had gone and that Gaddafi himself may have gone.”

“This was denied by Algerian authorities some days ago. But there is no smoke without fire. We don’t know where Gaddafi himself is, but we know these family members are in Algeria.

“The Algerian government has always got on really well with the Gaddafi regime. Algeria is one of the few countries that has not yet recognised the NTC.”

Earlier, the Egyptian news agency MENA, quoting unidentified rebel fighters, had reported that six armoured Mercedes sedans, possibly carrying Gaddafi’s sons or other top regime figures, had crossed the border at the southwestern Libyan town of Ghadamis into Algeria.

Algeria’s foreign ministry had denied that report.