The Gaddafis. A family of taste.

by Omar Shtewi

A Libyan rebel takes a rest on Aisha Gaddafi's mermaid throne. Stay classy, Aisha.


They’re not exactly the Rothschilds.

The life of the mad dictator, butcher of tens of thousands of Libyans, has been laid bare for all to see.

Libyans in London seize Seif el Islam's house in London for their country

While Gaddafi liked to present himself as a simple man, receiving foreign dignitaries in his famous bedouin tent, the truth about the family who squandered Libya’s billions is becoming clear.

The bathroom in the elder Gaddafi's garish private jet

Despite having the Libyan treasury at their personal disposal, it seems that money can’t buy you taste.  Vulgarity is the key theme that runs through the Gaddafi palaces and villas.

Seif el Islam's private cinema in his London home

Take, for example, Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha.  She who stood ‘steadfast’ outside of her father’s house inside the Bab el Aziziyeh palace compound, proclaiming her love for the Libyan people, lived in a style that the people of her country could only dream of.  And they picked up the tab.


Aisha's vast swimming pool - now open to use by Libyans