Pamela Geller. Liar.

by Omar Shtewi

Geller. The Mind.

Pamela Geller is one of the leading lights of the Transatlantic anti-Muslim movement.

She writes the wildly popular ‘Atlas Shrugs’ blog and is a frequent contributor on Fox News and various far-right American websites – American Thinker, World Net Daily and so on.

It is useful here to consider the mindset of this influential woman.  Her influence is limited not merely to right-wing circles in the United States, but extends to Europe where the ideology that she and her colleagues on the Right spread gave us Anders Behring Breivik and his Norway massacre.

Today on her blog, she posts a brief article from the Economist.

It is the method of Geller and Spencer to post articles from other news sources and to provide commentary on them.  Frequently – presumably sure that the readers will limit themselves to the commentary and not bother with the article itself – Geller’s comments do not actually correspond to the content of the articles.

Today’s offering includes details of the partial remilitarisation of the Sinai Peninsula by Egypt.

(Briefly: the Sinai Peninsula is sovereign Egyptian land.  Under the so-called peace treaty between the two countries, Egypt (and Israel) are equally forbidden to send their military into the land.  Essentially, it is at best a buffer zone and at worst, an extension of Israeli sovereignty into Egypt.  Egypt needs, however, to send military personnel into the Peninsula to maintain security.  It has sought – and been granted – Israeli permission to do this.  The indignity of having to ask a foreigner for permission to enter one’s own land is for a later post.)

Here is what Geller posts:

Sometimes you have to subordinate strategic considerations to tactical needs,” says Ehud Barak, Israel’s defense minister. This is one such time: Mr. Barak, backed by the current prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is going to agree toEgypt deploying thousands of troops in Sinaieven though the Israel-Egypt peace treaty strictly forbids it. They will have helicopters and armored vehicles, Barak says, but no tanks beyond the lone battalion already stationed there. 
  Israel faces a dilemma with far-reaching strategic consequences.Thirty years of peace with Egypt have rested, above all, on a demilitarized Sinai. The peninsula is patrolled by an international force and monitored by America from the air, to ensure that both sides keep their armies out, even though Sinai is sovereign Egyptian soil. Until now, Israel had  said no to Egyptian demands t o let more troops on to the peninsula, beyond what is specified in the 1979 peace treaty. Yet it urgently needs Egypt to tighten security.

The decision comes after an audacious attack on August 18th on Israeli vehicles travelling on a scenic road that hugs the Israel-Egypt border and ends at the resort town of Eilat. Eight Israelis, civilians and soldiers, died in the attack and in shoot-outs involving the army. Ten attackers were killed, two apparently by Egyptian border guards, six of whom were also killed in the crossfire. Egypt blamed Israel for the deaths. Israel replied that a hard-core group of Palestinians, all heavily armed, had entered Egypt’s Sinai peninsula from Gaza a month ago, camped and trained there, and made their way unhindered across open desert to the site of the attack. Egyptian and Israeli security sources believe that several militants operating in Sinai joined them to take part in the attacks [emphasis hers]

Consider the last portion of text that Geller has put in bold: “two apparently killed by Egyptian border guards”.  This means that two of the militants who attacked Israel were killed by Egyptian border guards.

She suggests, though, that Egyptian border guards killed Israelis.  She says:

Egyptian military took part on the attacks on Israel. How many will join the war againt the Jewish state once its militarized?

They did not.  What happened in fact was that SIX Egyptian personnel were murdered by ISRAELI soldiers.  Something for which Israel has refused to apologise on the basis that Arab life has less value.

Geller, who is a liar and a shyster, clearly hopes her semi-conscious readers won’t notice.  I’ll keep an eye on the comments section and my guess is that no one will.  It is important to deride Muslims and to spread lies about them.  The truth, to the likes of Geller and Spencer, is rarely an issue.

UPDATE: The following comment appeared:

How on earth dos [sic] one get from “Ten attackers were killed, two apparently by Egyptian border guards, six of whom were also killed in the crossfire.” to “Egyptian military took part on the attacks on Israel.”?

Expect Geller to remove the comment.  That’s her style.