Nicolai Sennels. Liar.

by Omar Shtewi

Nicolai Sennels is a Jihad Watch contributor.  He works under the supervision of the self-proclaimed scholar of Islam Robert Spencer.

Sennels is apparently a psychologist.  That is to say: he studied psychology and now works in a school as a student councelor.  He is not an academic.  If he were, he wouldn’t be writing for Jihad Watch.

His efforts at scholarship include work on ‘Muslim inbreeding‘ among other things.

Today, like Pamela Geller, he provides an article from an outside news source and gives us his commentary.

The article deals with a spate of arson in Berlin.  It seems some people are going around setting fire to expensive cars.  It has happened many times and local residents are considering forming vigilante groups.

This is Sennels’ introduction to the article:

Berlin is the third largest Turkish city after Istanbul and Ankara, and a prime example of failed multiculturism. Citizens are starting to discuss vigilantism and whether or not they should establish armed patrols. Christians “have long called for a special auxiliary police made up of volunteers who would have uniforms, batons and handcuffs.”

I don’t know if Berlin is the third largest Turkish city in the world after Istanbul and Ankara.  Neither does Sennels.  He provides this link as proof.  It’s a blog.  The lady who writes it provides no proof of the statement.

In any case, it doesn’t matter.  Because despite Sennels’ clumsy effort to blame this on Turks – which means [inbred] Muslims – the article does not mention Turks or Muslims even once.

I give you Nicolai Sennels.  Liar.  Shyster.

Here’s the whole thing, from The Local.

As night-time car arsons in Berlin continue unabated, some citizens are calling for neighbourhood groups to prowl the streets looking for culprits, an idea that appears to be gaining ground.

The idea for citizen patrols has gained support during the week-long spate of arson in the German capital, which have left dozens of cars, mostly expensive models, burned out.

More than 300 vehicles have now been set alight since the beginning of the year, including five overnight Sunday. …

Many people told the newspaper they were ready to join citizens’ groups to combat the attacks, because the government isn’t doing enough.

Some have suggested that neighbours begin carrying weapons and go on the hunt for perpetrators. Others have suggested a less vigilante-style response with simple unarmed neighbourhood patrols.

One 72-year-old who lives with his wife in the Berlin’s Westend district told Die Welt that residents have been debating what to do over the last few days. His idea is for a citizens’ patrol to go out for about an hour per night per night. It would alert police if it sees anything suspicious.

“Some residents here want to arm themselves,” he said. “What we need here is a kind of militia.”

Some people appear to be looking to London as a model, where many community groups lost confidence in police and formed successful vigilante groups to combat recent riots.

In Berlin, Burkhard Dregger, a politician with the centre-right Christian Democratic Union has long called for a special auxiliary police made up of volunteers that would have uniforms, batons and handcuffs. …”