Nick Griffin. Thinker.

by Omar Shtewi

"Humans have come into being for the sake of each other, so either teach them, or learn to bear them." — Marcus Aurelius

Britain has important issues to face.  Challenges to overcome.  In these times, we need men and women in power of incisive and penetrating intellect.  We need leaders who embody the learned approach to statecraft that characterised the philosopher kings of times gone by.

We need a modern Marcus Aurelius.

We need a thinker.

We need Nick Griffin.

Thankfully, the Thinker is not backward in coming forward.  Nick Griffin volunteers his nuanced and thoughtful analysis as selflessly as monkeys who fling their own shit at unsuspecting visitors to the zoo.

While most of us would be happier with the shit, let us listen to the musings of the Thinker.  Let us be schooled by Nick Griffin of the British National Party.

In an interview posted on the website of the BNP this evening, the Thinker seeks to answer the question on all our minds in the aftermath of the London riots:

How to fix broken Britain?

How indeed.

But what was the reason for the London riots?  What was their origin?  The Thinker states that

They were in part motivated by theft, but their origin is totally political.

This could be interesting.  Unemployment?  Economic mismanagement of the country?  Marginalisation of huge swathes of our population, particularly our young?  Not quite:

the decision of the entire political elite to impose an unstable multi-cultural society on Britain, and then to make things even worse by breaking up the traditional structure of our society through socialist education policies, liberal weakness in the legal system, and ultra-capitalist economic globalisation.

Black people.  Black people and a socialist conspiracy to infiltrate – in collusion, no doubt with the Elders of Mecca – the education system of the country.  This, in addition to having a legal system that is not draconian enough.  We need, in short, to bring back hanging  and  sort out the Blacks (these measures would presumably be most effective if brought in simultaneously).

The Thinker opines:

The vast majority of the rioters are black. A disproportionate number of the anarchist and white trash types who join them get arrested because they tend to be less street-wise and not to have big gangs of friends in the riot who come to their aid if they are grabbed by the police.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Philosophy of Nick, allow me to provide the exegesis which is usually necessary (given the elevated and inaccessible language of most scripture) to understand these complex ideas.

The vast majority of the rioters are black.  We cannot know – only the Thinker can – if this is really the case.  However, if a rioter is Black, this is enough to explain why he riots.  He is black.  He is unruly.  He riots.

The White Man, on the other hand, must have his rioting explained.  White people, you see, do not just riot.  There is a reason that they riot.  They have been perverted and manipulated by an ideology.  They are anarchists.  They are, in fact, raving frothy-mouthed acolytes of the Jew Noam Chomsky.  And I don’t mean that they like his work on grammar.  They are anarchists.

The only reason that they get arrested is that they are less streetwise.  They are innately – congenitally – civilised and polite.  They are unfamiliar with violence.

So, when they are drawn into anarchism, their excellent upbringing does not prepare them for the arrests that follow.  The Negro – cunning and slippery – has a lifetime of crime under his belt.  He can avoid arrest.

The white boy, fresh from the pages of an Enid Blyton adventure in a boat with a dog, is lost,vulnerable and afraid.  A victim, really.

Consider the following verse

The media are keeping quiet about the strong underlying racist motivation for many of the attacks of white people [he means attacks ‘on’ white people.  By using ‘of’ the sentence appears to have the opposite meaning.  This is confusing for the neophyte, but  a similar reversal of meaning can be found in the grammar of Classical Hebrew in the use of the conjunction “ve” meaning “and”, followed by the past or future tense] … and Asians by black rioters and looters. Too many young blacks in Britain are brought up with chips on their shoulder about ‘racism’ and slavery and with an ugly gun and gang culture that makes them all too ready to use violence to get what they want.

People of colour are not the victims of racism.  This is an evil lie invented by Satan, Muslims and the left.  The evil lie is then perpetuated through the media, which is beholden to Satan, Muslims and the Left (though not necessarily in that order).

Additionally, the Black youth (or Blackling) is raised to believe that there is such a thing as racism.  He may even have hallucinated a personal experience of racism.  If not, he may simply lie and say that he has experienced it.  Other erroneous perceptions include the belief that there was such a thing as slavery.  There was not.  This, along with all the historical evidence to that effect, is a lie.  Probably an Islamic one, but the Thinker does not elaborate on the exact origin of the deception.

The Thinker does elaborate, though, on what needs to be done to overcome the Third Worldism that pervades British society.  He tells us, eloquently and with the full erudition that we have come to expect from the ranks of the British National Party, how to restore the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the bastion of civilisation that it is meant to be:

The police are too infected by political correctness to be able to get really tough with ‘ethnic’ rioters, and there also aren’t enough of them to control the level of disorder that we will see when the current tensions between different ethnic groups explode into open conflict, as they will. So yes, the army should already have been called in, and one day will have to be.

The police are infected with a condition – called Political Correctness – that stops them from beating the Black man or the Asian with the necessary severity.  Failure to treat them the way they should be treated is a disease and it must be eradicated.

Nick Griffin learns statecraft at the invitation of Gaddafi. Here he is in Tripoli, not far from the Marcus Aurelius Arch

In order to restore civilised democracy to the United Kingdom, the army must be brought on to the streets.  Now while the ignorant among you – those who are not familiar with the Philosophy of Nick – may believe that the presence of the armed forces on the streets is the absolute opposite of democracy and something to be expected of, say, Gaddafi (from whom the Thinker accepted an invitation to visit the Gaddafi torture state in Libya), the Thinker knows that it is necessary to control the Blacks.  The flow of wisdom proceeds thus:

 Order the police to be tough on rioters as soon as they start to break the law. Order them to use the plastic bullets and water cannon that they have in reserve, and to be much more aggressive in using plain-clothed snatch-squads to arrest ring-leaders and looters.

Immigrant rioters should be deported, ‘British’ ones should get much tougher sentences. Looting during a riot should lead to five years in an electronically tagged chain-gang doing useful hard labour. Younger offenders should be left handcuffed to lamp-posts for 48 hours to be ridiculed and abused by their victims and decent members of the community.

Chain gangs.  Deportation.  Hard labour.  Snatch squads (Gestapo, if you will – and I think you will).  Young criminals chained to lampposts to be “abused” by “decent members of the community” (if that sounds absurd, you are merely ignorant).

Only thus (or rak kach – רק כך – in the Hebrew words of the Jewish nationalist Irgun terrorist group) can we demonstrate how civilised and superior we are.

Rak kach can we restore Britain to greatness.

I give you Nick Griffin.  Thinker.  Philosopher.  Leader.