BNP/EDL – the lines blur

by Omar Shtewi

Nick Griffin - Scholar, Gentleman, Leader

Of course, both the EDL and the BNP insist that they can’t bear each other.

The EDL is not a racist organisation, you see.  Their hatred is reserved for all Muslims everywhere only and no one else.  And since Islam is not a race, but a rather a religion (or, if you’re a senior member of the Transatlantic Right, a totalitarian ideology akin to Nazism, communism, etc etc etc) they can’t be racist.

On the other hand, the British National Party – goodness me! – they are awful. 

Because they only let white people into their party.  Which is racist.  The EDL, on the other hand, sprinkles the organisation with people of colour who hate all Muslims everywhere, Jews who hate all Muslims everywhere and gays who hate all Muslims everywhere.  There are rumours that there are even Muslim members who are allowed to join, provided that they demonstrate the required hatred for all Muslims everywhere (as Jacques de Molay made  neophyte Templars spit on the Cross and renounce Christ so that they could join, for example).

The EDL, in short, is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

The EDL. Gentle. Not racist.

But, don’t let it be said that fascists can’t come together, like other sections of the community.

In the wake of the murder of three young Muslim men in Birmingham during the riots (three down, every little helps), Muslims and non-Muslims came together to show solidarity against criminals.

In the same way, the EDL and BNP can come together to show solidarity against all Muslims everywhere (because, even though it’s just a religion, most Muslims are brown) in a heart-warming display.

Such love is on display today on the BNP website.  We are told:

Hot on the heels of the demand by the Muslim invaders of Britain that their children be given special rights to Sharia law interest-free Student Loans, which would give them an unfair financial advantage over non-Muslim students [entirely false], comes an attempt by Muslim former Labour MP Shahid Malik to curtail the rights of the indigenous British people to peacefully protest on the streets of our own country. 

The Muslims are colonisers, you see.  Not immigrants, not citizens, or anything like that.  Rather, they are colonisers.  Part of a coordinated military endeavour to conquer the United Kingdom.  It is directed from Mecca and you can find an example of their nefarious, evil and Muslim tactics here).

Muslims have complained about a planned EDL march through a predominately Muslim area of London.  The local Muslim colonisers do not realise that the EDL hates them only because they are Muslims, not because they are brown.

This has prompted the BNP to come out in support of the EDL.  They say:

While the British National Party refutes any alleged links to the EDL and does not share their political views nor supports their methods [sic], we do defend the traditional right of any indigenous British people to protest peacefully and publicly, and this attempt by Malik to end those rights is an attack not just on the EDL but on the British people and their traditional freedoms.

Leaving aside, for the moment, the fact that only indigenous (that is, white) British people may protest peacefully, let us remember that the EDL only, according to their leadership, targets Islamic extremists.  This of course does not explain why they want to protest in the middle of a Muslim community going about its business.

The opportunity to harass and intimidate a Muslim community cannot be passed up though.  And it is for that reason that BNP supports this EDL endeavour.

I recommend that you read the whole thing.  It’s thoroughly unpleasant, but a good indication of the kind of people that we’re dealing with.