Where are the Gaddafis? Update

by Omar Shtewi

Professor David Held is a close personal friend of Seif el Islam el Gaddafi and was a key figure in funneling of money stolen from the Libyan people to LSE. He understood entirely where the money had come from.


We now know that Seif el Islam el Gaddafi, toast of the town among the political elites of Europe just seven months ago, is at large in Tripoli, claiming that he will fight on until the end.  He claims, as well, that his father is still in Tripoli and is alive and well.

The London School of Economics accepted money from Seif el Islam, which he had obtained illegally in Libya, through the Gaddafi reign of terror over the Libyan people. This was no secret at LSE

There has, as yet, been no word on Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha, or her mother Sophia.

Aisha Gaddafi is a key member of the regime

It is important that we are not fooled by the pretense that these women should be given asylum in Europe on the basis that they are not involved.  They are absolutely involved in the atrocities that have been committed against the Libyan people.

Sophia has questions to answer

It is known that Sophia has stolen billions from the country.  She also owns the airline Al Buraq, in her own right.

Aisha is a key member of the enforcer end of the family business.  She must be put on trial with her brothers.

To allow her asylum in Europe is do deny the Libyan people right to justice and closure.