Was Muhammad el Gaddafi murdered live on air?

by Omar Shtewi

He could have had answers...

I have been following developments in Libya throughout the evening and it would appear that Tripoli has fallen to the people and that Libya is finally free.

42 years of terror and degradation at the hands of the Gaddafi regime have finally come to an end.

However, about one hour ago, Muhammad el Gaddafi, speaking from his home where he had been allegedly detained by the rebels, fell suddenly silent as gunfire was heard from inside the house.

When asked by the Al Jazeera anchor whether the gunfire was coming from outside, or inside the house, Gaddafi was heard to say “in the house, in the house”.  He was audibly weeping and muttered the Islamic declaration of faith before the phone went dead after a burst of gunfire.

Who has murdered this key witness to the 42 year crime against the Libyan people?  No one has the right to deprive the Libyan people of answers and justice.

For 42 years, the Gaddafi regime has murdered and tortured the Libyan people.  It has kept them in a Third World hell of crumbling schools and hospitals while the Gaddafi family has spent the nation’s wealth as though it were its own.

Untold billions have been squandered abroad and hidden away in foreign bank accounts.

The Libyan people have a right to know precisely what has happened over the past 42 years.  Libyan women have the right to know where their sons and husbands were buried after being disappeared during the regime’s reign of terror.

The physical safety of the Gaddafi family is VITAL if the Libyan people are to have the start to sovereignty that they deserve.

Where are the bodies?  Where is the looted money?  Which foreign agents protected the Gaddafi regime?

These are questions that ONLY the Gaddafi family members can answer.

Whoever murdered Muhammad el Gaddafi LIVE ON AIR was NOT acting the interests of the Libyan people.

The killers have attacked Libya tonight and tainted the people’s victory.

They must be brought to justice.