Egypt: The vassal state stirs

by Omar Shtewi

No sooner had I trashed the Egyptian response to the Israeli slaughter of its soldiers, than the testicular fortitude, whose absence I had so lamented, seems to have appeared, at least partially.

Al Jazeera reports that the Arab Republic of Egypt has withdrawn its ambassador from the Jewish State:

The Egyptian government has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel for consultation in protest over a cross-border shooting incident on Thursday that left five Egyptian security personnel dead [my emphasis]

In protest over the shooting?  I don’t think so.  The pigs of the junta have withdrawn the ambassador because the Egyptian people are angry.  Not because the junta has a problem with dead Egyptians.

These generals, who now oversee the broad squalor of Egypt, are the same generals who sat back when Israel arbitrarily slaughtered Egyptians in the past.  These are not fundamentally different people.  They remain corrupt, venal, and lascivious whore-mongers who value Ray-Bans over human life.

It is the Egyptian people who are fundamentally different.  They have tasted freedom and dignity.  And once a man tastes it, he can’t give it up.

Freedom for the Egyptian people means the freedom to demand justice for their dead.  Gone are the days that Israel could slaughter any Egyptian anywhere and be sure that the Pimp-in-Chief Mubarak would do nothing.

Even Amr Moussa, former head of the Arab League, former Mubarak underling and current Egyptian presidential hopeful,  has been compelled to take to Twitter to claim that Egyptian blood – suddenly! – has value:

The blood of these conscripts is not cheap. All parties, including Israel, have to be warned against harming Egyptian soldiers

He went on:

Israel and any other (country) must understand that the day our sons get killed without a strong and an appropriate response, is gone and will not come back… The blood of our martyrs which was spilled while carrying out their duties, will not be shed in vain

The Arab Spring and the overthrow of the dictators has been a wonderful time for those of us who care deeply about the Arab World and feel keenly the injustices heaped upon it.

While we must welcome strong statements such as these, in hopes that they represent the true flowering of Arab dignity, we must not allow the leaders of the Arab World to rest on words.  Israel is a country that manifests its hatred of all Arabs everywhere through action.  That action may be legislative or military, but their hatred for us is unambiguous.  This must be mirrored by the Arab response.

And now that the Egyptian leadership (such as it is) has taken the first step toward the restoration of Egyptian pride, the Israelis are responding.

The coward Barak – who lauded the bravery of IDF pilots as they took to the Gaza skies to pick off defenseless civilians like fish in a barrel – has expressed “regret” over the killings.

I think not.  What he regrets, is that Mubarak isn’t running Egypt.  If he were, none of this would be happening.  Israel could drop bombs on Cairo and that would be fine by the old butcher.  Alas, Mubarak has gone and patriotism has been legalised in Egypt.

Israel never regrets the killing of Muslims because they are fair game.  The Jews are Chosen.  The Arabs – and Muslims everywhere – are animals.

This sentiment is translated into policy on an almost daily basis in the State of Israel.  Only in the past few days have we learned, for instance, that the Lions of Judah will not apologise for the slaughter of nine Turkish civilians attempting to deliver aid to Gaza in defiance of Israel’s illegal embargo.

If they won’t apologise to Turkey, an apology to Egypt is unlikely.  But clearly, feathers are being ruffled among the leading lights of the Israeli establishment and that can only be a good thing.  Amos Gilad, of Israel’s Ministry of Defense (read War) was at pains to stress that

nobody in the security establishment or the IDF had any intention of harming Egyptian policemen or soldiers

Lies, almost certainly.  It is, however, a positive sign that Israel is feeling the heat and worrying that its grip over Egypt may be loosening.  According to Ynet:

In the wake of the crisis with Egypt, senior Israeli officials held meetings Saturday to discuss the sensitive situation. In a security discussion with IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, the defense minister said: “The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt has great significance and immense strategic value for Middle Eastern stability.”

Let them panic.