Egypt: Vassal State

by Omar Shtewi

Upwards of eighty million people.

A history of thousands of years

Pharaohs, prophets and conquerors.

The hammer of the ancient world.

Today?  The vassal province of a tiny colonial state.

A Shameful State

So trapped are the Egyptians in the post-colonial weakness that has blighted much of the third world, they are unable to answer aggression from the State of Israel.

In the wake of a Palestinian militant operation which targeted Israeli soldiers (though most news outlets will piously leave out that detail), Israel, in its massive response to the attacks, is reported to have slaughtered Egyptian soldiers.

Seems that the peace treaty that exists between the two countries does not matter to the occupiers of Jerusalem.

The slavish junta of Egypt (no doubt more concerned with looting the Egyptian treasury to buy Mercedes Benzes and villas than with the humiliations heaped upon Egypt by Israel) is yet to respond.

Even as Egyptians protest outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo, the junta is yet to restore Egyptian dignity.  It seems that the Mubarak mentality prevails even while the venal murder and dictator sits in prison along with his thuggish pimping sons.

The vassal government in Egypt would do well to take a leaf out of the book of their Israeli masters.

Haaretz reports that Netanyahu, thuggish ruler of the State of Israel, has this to say about the Palestinian operation:

“We have a policy of extracting a very high price from anyone who causes us harm, and this policy is acted upon”

Indeed, he assures us that “retaliation is just beginning”.  And we all know which sections of Palestinian society will be on the receiving end.  We all know that it is not to Israel’s taste to engage in armed conflict.  Better to bomb bare-foot Arab peasants from the air and return to Israel as Lions of Judah.

When has any modern Arab state exacted such a price for the murder and humiliation inflicted upon them by foreign powers?  Never, to my knowledge.

At least the Egyptian people, more decent than the thieving so-called “generals” who have replaced the old tyrant Mubarak, have taken to the streets to demonstrate their anger.

While the Egyptian people rightly fume, the limp junta has “demanded a probe”.  Such men!  Such rijaal!  When have these sick people ever heard Israel demand a probe?  The Israelis exact vengeance first and probe later.

I would suggest that the Egyptian leadership develop a little testicular fortitude.