EDL: Muslims weaponise taxis, rename them ‘Muslim tanks for Muslims’, attempt to storm Kensington Palace to force burka on Kate Middleton

by Omar Shtewi

That’s right.

The Muslims – all of them, everywhere, coordinated from Muslim Headquarters in Mecca by the infamous, beturbaned Muslim Mandarin, who is a Muslim – have turned the humble taxi into a Muslim weapon of Muslims.

It is simply another part of the grand plan to conquer the United Kingdom (in between ferrying shitfaced infidels between the kebab shop and their houses).

Once the UK has fallen, the Muslim taxi drivers – who are Muslims – plan to extend their Holy Muslim Taxi Empire to the solar system, eventually with a view to turning the entire universe into a Muslim.

These chilling developments come to us from the EDL.  They explain:

The Luton taxi business is like most others in the country, a trade run predominantly by Asian men. But what is different about Luton is that the humble taxi cab is being used as a weapon of radical Islam.

Rigged with bombs?  Retrofitted with some heinous Muslim device, the better to enmuslim the unsuspecting, semi-concious shitfaced pillars of the Luton community?

No.  Even worse:

We have received many complaints from Lutonians who are fed up of taxi drivers preaching to them about Islam and belittling their ‘non-belief’. The majority of cabs are decked out with Islamic paraphernalia, and there is a clear atmosphere of hostility towards non-Muslim customers.

Now, that may sound like bullshit to you and me.  After all, anyone who would complain to the EDL about Muslim taxi drivers – who are Muslims – is hardly likely to be grounded in reality.  Be not a cynic, dear reader!  The Muslims – who are Muslims – are poised to strike.

The Muslim Tanks are “decked out with Islamic paraphernalia”, you see.  That is to say that the Muslim taxi drivers – who are Muslims – have fitted their cars with minarets.

Frightening stuff.