My unanswered emails to Spencer and Geller

by Omar Shtewi

Please forgive the unprofessional tone of these emails.  Blame my youthful enthusiasm.

To Geller:

Ms Geller

I was enjoying dismantling Silly Bob’s latest attempt at scholarship which you so generously posted on your hysterical blog for the entertainment of those us who have the faculty of rational thought.

Alas, you seem to have taken it down – so slippery of you, Pam!

Did Silly Bob ask you to remove it?  Did he become upset that people had actually seen through his charlatanry?  Slippery Pam.

Luckily, I saved the article.  With screen shots by way of proof that it was there.

He won’t get away that easily.

With all my sympathy to you and Silly Bob.

Omar Shtewi, UK

To Spencer:

Mr Spencer

I was thoroughly enjoying our lively discussion of your latest exercise in abject charlatanry.  I was disappointed to see that your – let’s call her your colleague – Pamela Geller had taken the article down.  When it reappeared, comments relating to the atrocious nature of what you call your ‘scholarship’ had been removed.

Should I take from this that you are in the throes of some kind of anti-freedom of speech Jihad?  Could it be that even after the cursory examination of that article carried out by me and one other reader, you lost confidence in what you had written?  I wouldn’t blame you.  Even by your standards, that sad, limp attempt at intelligent analysis fell flat on its face.

I felt sorry for you.

Get Pamela Geller to put my comments back, Bob.  How can you possibly champion free-speech and debate while censoring me and others who see through you?  Silly Bob.

I saved the article, Bob.  Along with screen shots of the article itself, the comments left and your responses.

I would encourage you to consider what one commentator – Saleh – put to you.  Try to get some examples of your oeuvre published in an academic, peer-reviewed journal.  See what happens.  I imagine that, from a psychological perspective, the realization that your work is ridiculous would be a little much for you to bear.  Best to pretend that you are a scholar and to limit yourself to online clearing houses of swill that doesn’t get published in reputable outlets.  In Human Events this morning, I discuss…  

Make an effort to get back to me Bob.  And don’t worry.  There are many semi-conscious products of the combined efforts of the US education system and Fox News who will continue to read, and take seriously, your outrageous ramblings.  They’ll buy your books and keep you in shirts, ties and aeroplane tickets for your ‘lectures’.

I am, with the greatest of sympathy

Omar Shtewi.