What would Ben-Gurion think?

by Omar Shtewi


One of the hallmarks of the dictatorships of the Arab World is that they have made it their objective to strip the countries they rule with such cruelty of all sovereignty.  This explains the cool reaction of the Transatlantic Right to the Arab Spring.

Since the State of Israel came into existence, its power has spread from the sliver of land taken from the Palestinians, to effective sovereignty over the entire Arab region – from the Atlantic to the Arabian Peninsula.

The Jewish State has been able, with little or no reaction from any Arab despot, to heap numerous humiliations upon the Arab people: be it the destruction of Lebanon in 2006; the Gaza Massacre of 2008, or the numerous violations of Syrian sovereignty through bombings of sites within the Assad fiefdom.

Now, however, as the dictators of the Arab World find themselves toppled like dominoes as their people shake off the chains of abject humiliation, there are signs that the new regimes are seeking to restore national pride in ways which would have been unthinkable to the likes of Hosni Mubarak.

Today Haaretz, in addition to the right-wing Jerusalem Post and Ynet News are reporting that the Egyptian authorities (still, in fact, a military junta as the Egyptian Revolution is yet to bear democratic fruit) have arrested a Jordanian national on suspicion of spying for Israel.  They will try his Israeli handler in absentia.

The megalomaniacs of the Likud Party must long for the days of Mubarak, when the Arab Republic of Egypt – and its Sinai Peninsula in particular – functioned as little more than an extension of the great Jewish Commonwealth envisioned by David Ben-Gurion.

May Egypt rise to become one of the great hammers of the Arab World to restore prosperity and strength to a people that have lived like dogs for far too long:

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