The EDL and the BNP: fundamentally racist and thankfully transparent

by Omar Shtewi

I wrote here about the EDL’s initial attempts to exploit the post-riot cleanup taking place across the United Kingdom.

More details have emerged, both in the media and on the EDL’s own website, although the EDL leadership clearly does not have a great deal to say about its inability to maintain control – or any sort of discipline – over its rabid supporters.

While the EDL poses – freakishly – as a civil/human rights organisation, that opposes Islamic extremism, they certainly have an odd way of showing it.

Indeed, it is the EDL tendency to practice large-scale intimidation of local communities – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – under the guise of help.

And so it was that, in Eltham, south east London, “White men, roughly from their twenties into their forties” began “abusing the several hundred police there, along with chants of ‘E… E… EDL’”.

Perhaps that is what the EDL leadership meant when they proclaimed, in the immediate aftermath of the worst of the riots, that:

“EDL supporters have taken to the streets to help defend their communities and prepare for the clean-up operations that must follow the last few days of rioting of [sic] looting”.

The great intellects that coordinate the activities of this organisation of latter-day brownshirts went on to proclaim that:

“We are hoping to safeguard local businesses through a strong physical presence, and discourage trouble-makers from gathering in our town and city centres”.

But, as Channel 4 News reports, they instead opted for hurling bottles and cans at the police.

The people of London are no doubt grateful for the contribution that the English Defence League has made to public safety.

Equally grateful, no doubt, is the Sikh community. They experienced the fruits of the EDL’s outstanding civil rights work when, according to the EDL’s own website, the walls of the Sikh temple (or gurdwara) were sprayed with the letters “EDL” in an act of gross vandalism.

How did the English Defence League respond to this attack?  By explaining, bizarrely, that they know that mosques are the centre of all evil in the United Kingdom but at the same time, they “respect all places of worship”:

“Despite the fact that we know Mosques are the centres of the radicalisation of Muslims across Britain, we have always refrained from protesting near mosques or from allowing our membership to interfere in anyway with the mosque, its structure or its worshippers [my emphasis]”

And yet  the EDL demonstrates outside mosques regardless of whether they promote Islamic extremism as you will see here and here.

They go on:

“We respect all places of worship be they mosque, temple, synagogue, gurdwara or church, and believe that these buildings should be respected by all our members and all members of the British public [my emphasis]. They should certainly not be subjected to hateful vandalism; whether it’s desecration of graves, smashing of windows, the dumping of pork products in doorways, daubing of swastikas or ill-informed [what?] graffiti”.

Clearly the knuckle-draggers of the EDL don’t know the difference between a Sikh temple and a mosque.  They both tend to contain people of colour, though.

The desperate BNP – nothing useful to add

No discussion of neo-fascist exploitation of communal strife would be complete without mentioning the buffoonery of the BNP.

They have responded to the riots by announcing that a new leaflet is being printed, tastefully entitled “Britain Stripped of All Dignity“.  Dignity that the BNP is poised no doubt to restore with their cloying, egregious and evident attempts to feed off the public insecurity that has followed the riots.

To that end, they have even set up a help line.

The finest contribution of the whites-only British National Party, however, has to be the following video.  True to Griffin’s embarassinggly high opinion of himself, it is entitled “Nick Griffin Addresses the Nation“.

It begins with the infamous Rivers of Blood Speech by Enoch Powell who will be “proven right very very soon” and claims that the great Nick Griffin – who is not, please be assured, here to say I told you so – was actually right all along.  That “political correctness paralysed the police”.  A sentiment I suspect he lifted from the EDL, since they appear to be operating from the same manual – while insisting that they can’t bear each other.

Thankfully, the British public have thus far resisted the opportunism of these bigots, much to their credit.