EDL Opportunism: Jumping on the Post-Riot Clean-Up

by Omar Shtewi

In addition to their initial excusing of the English Muslim community for responsibility for the English riots (since even the English Defence League couldn’t bend the reality to blame Muslims), the EDL has nonetheless attempted to hijack the post-riot cleanup.

The EDL will always be the EDL, however, and their thuggish supporters have predictably brought themselves into conflict with the police, according to the Guardian:

“..police are confronting EDL supporters… police officers left Eltham Hill about 45 minutes ago after dispersing around 200 men hurling projectiles. But the police later returned and made some arrests…”

Sadly for the inept and semi-literate leadership of the EDL, this is at odds with their claim on their website:

“Already EDL supporters have taken to the streets to help defend their communities and prepare for the clean-up operations that must follow the last few days of rioting of looting”.

Perhaps the Guardian is simply being dreadfully unfair?  It’s possible.  But violence does tend to follow the EDL.

This comes on the day that EDL posted  – let’s call it an essay – on their website to the effect that Muslim candidates for jobs should be turned down if they are known to observe Ramadan.

This is clearly at odds with the standard EDL claim – much like that of Robert Spencer and the rest of the Transatlantic Right – that they merely oppose Islamic extremism.

If only that were true.  Quite how attacking the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (which is a festive and positive time for the Muslim community) helps the fight against extremism isn’t obvious to me.  Robert Spencer has called it “the month of Jihad” though.  I’m sure that the EDL leadership, like Anders Breivik, are keen readers of Spencer’s Jihad Watch blog and his bestselling books.

The EDL also likes to demonstrate against any mosque anywhere in the country regardless of whether or not there is known to be extremist preaching there.

The EDL is simply anti-Muslim.  When they say they are not, they are lying.

The EDL is a wholly damaging organisation.  It is opportunistic and its intentions are malicious.

Luckily, their leadership – much like that of the British National Party – lacks the intellectual ability to cleverly present themselves as credible anti-Muslim political forces like the urbane fascist Geert Wilders and other continental European far-right leaders.

We have their stupidity to thank for the fact that we don’t have a right-wing as strong as that in Europe.