EDL mercifully excuses Muslims from blame for English riots.

by Omar Shtewi


The English Defence League has decided to excuse Muslims from responsibility for the riots and looting currently occurring primarily in London but also elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Since no national newspaper has actually obtained any evidence whatsoever that these riots are anything to do with Islam and Muslims, it is certainly to be expected that one would struggle to link them to Muslims.

But the EDL, as per its obsession, can allow no event to pass by without a mention of Islam so as to link horrendous violence with the Muslims even when there is no link.

The EDL website states today that “We’re not going to jump out of place and blame this on Islam [Muslims] (that will surprise a few people)”.  It certainly surprised me.  However that statement does seem to indicate that they gave it some thought.

I imagine the Crusading lads and lasses racking their brains thinking of ways to blame Muslims for what is happening.  Alas, they just couldn’t do it.

They could, however crowbar in a shot at Muslims even when offering insincere sympathy to those affected by the violence:

“The EDL offer our deepest sympathy to any of our members and the individuals and businesses who’ve been adversely affected. We hope that paralysing political correctness is lifted quickly. This both silences the EDL’s valid concerns about Islam [Muslims] and simultaneously prevents the police from acting swiftly and decisively to end the current troubles” [my emphasis].

Clearly then, even when it is not about Islam…  It actually is.

The BNP, on other hand has already labelled the breakdown in public order in the capital and elsewhere “Race Riots” (here here and here).  They are trying to capitalise on the destruction by suggesting that the way to fix this is to join the BNP and to vote for them in the next election.

Real patriots would attempt to identify the reasons for our troubles, so as to better repair the damage and ensure that we don’t have a repeat of these events.

In Britain, though, we have the EDL and the BNP – self-aggrandising racist bigots who jump on public concerns to promote their own hate.

Stay classy, lads.