Jihad Watch: Islam actually to blame for the Breivik Massacre

by Omar Shtewi

Yes indeed.  Despite that the fact that Anders Breivik could not have been more specific as to his motivations for his horrific attacks, the team at Jihad Watch, under the watchful gaze of the charlatan and shyster Robert Spencer, have been working hard to show that Muslims are to blame for what happened on the fateful day that Anders Breivik decided to attack his own country.

Here is the effort by long-time Jihad Watch contributor and prolific non-scholar Raymond Ibrahim [he has never held any position in any credible institution of higher education and his efforts are limited to right-wing blogs and think tanks].

In the blog post, he attempts – in the most unconvincing way possible – to suggest that ‘jihad’ – that is to say Islam – is responsible for the Breivik massacre.  According to Ibrahim, the fact that Breivik is a clear admirer of Robert Spencer and other non-scholars and polemicists in the so-called anti-Jihad field, is immaterial.  Rather, it is Islam that is to blame for the massacre.

It appears that Anders Breivik drew some inspiration from the Crusades.  Despite the fact that Robert Spencer has claimed that the Crusades were a noble and defensive endeavour to recover the Holy Land from the evil Muslims, Ibrahim appears not to tow that line in his post.  Rather he seems to accept – quoting Bernard Lewis – that the Crusades were a dreadful episode in Christian history.  But it’s alright, because all of the violence displayed by the Christians was simply what they had learned from…  the Muslims.

So, since the Crusaders drew their inspiration from the Muslims they set out to destroy, so too does Anders Breivik draw his inspiration from the wicked faith of Islam – because he admired the Crusades.

Ibrahim, using this thin logic, concludes that Breivik’s motivations are “clear”.

Thank goodness.  Perhaps he should share this insight with the Norwegian police.  It is strange how the entire world lives in ignorance, while the true facts, if you will, are safely in the hands of a group of anti-Muslim bigots.