How Spencer Lies

by Omar Shtewi

Here is an excellent example of the lies of Robert Spencer.

He uses this story in “Today’s Zaman” – an English language daily in Turkey – which describes arrest warrants issued for 14 individuals, among them seven generals

“as part of an investigation into allegations that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) had set up websites to disseminate anti-government propaganda”

It is not clear to me how Robert Spencer would react if military figures in the United States began spreading propaganda against the democratically-elected civilian government.  He would, presumably, take exception to the issue being misrepresented.  But that is exactly what he does here.

He tries to convince us that this is a witch hunt by a crazy Islamist government against secular democrats.

It seems that Spencer is relying on his readers ignoring the article he quotes, hoping instead that they will read only his commentary.

Reading the actual article, however, reveals that he is a liar.